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Do not remove your Black Socks when in bed tonight !

Black Socks.jpg

Fresh socks are now required ! Our team in Lyon needs your support.  OK we faltered a little against the French.  Probably because the team ate too many frog's legs at the restaurant the day before !  We still have a good chance for a podium finish.  

The play-off for the bronze medal starts tonight against Bulgaria and we know we can beat them !  Go to live feeds on BBO at 9pm, 12.30am, 3.20am tonight then Friday night 9pm and 12.30pm. They are playing five stanzas of 16 boards. Having conceeded against France in their semi-final has given them time to rest and re-energising so they are back in tip top shape for this battle Get your socks on and be sure to wear them in bed while you watch

Even the team is wearing black socks.  Watch this interview

Matthew Brown & Michael Ware

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