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We have received a lot of good constructive feedback over recent weeks about the changes to the website.  It was a good opportunity to catch up with many clubs during Congress and we appreciated the "Brownie Points" received from Yvonne of Invercargill.  Thanks a lot !

Over Congress we did not want to make any changes in case they affected the results being posted from our major event for the year.  We are now going through a wishlist and listing each item in order of priority.  Some are easy to do and some are not, but all changes must be tested before we update the website, so things may not happen as quickly as you may hope.

First enhancement (now completed);
By default, only results with Masterpoints, will now display in the Results or Masterpoint Search screens.  All other results are suppressed and will only display if you untick the box that says "Exclude 0 Masterpoints".

Reinstating returning players
Sometimes players do not appear to be in the system, but they are.  This is probably because they have not received any masterpoints in the last month.  The easiest way to check is for clubs to go into the Club Admin screen and search the player.  The other way is to change the "Date From", in the Masterpoint search screen to something like the 1st March and if they are in the system, they will appear.  If they are not there, Alister can reinstate players and we hope to have this resolved by the end of the week.  Players returning to the game will be given them their old Computer number, Masterpoints, Grade and Rank etc.  If a player does not mind having a new number, they can be added by Club Administrators now then send a request to Alister, to have their old data added.

A Point allocation for Teams events at Congress
We now know what the issue was for the incorrect calculations and we are in the process of fixing it these.  Most of the match results have been fixed and the Final Ladders will be completed in the next day or so.  Please be aware, those teams who had more than 4 members will receive a pro rata of the fractional A points awarded for each match.  We agree it is better to award points to those who played the match.  The scoring package did not identify who played in which match nd we will fix this if we can, otherwwise we will have to apply the old rule as per below...

"If no records are kept of participants in each match, then:

  • all Players of a five-member Team shall receive four-fifths of the full award .... for each match won or tied;
  • all Players of a six-member Team shall receive four-sixths of the full award .... for each match won or tied."

We are aware of a downloading issue and ask you do nothing with your invoice until advised otherwise.  The Invoices will need to be reloaded and this is the next task on our To Do list.  Please do not make any payments on the Invoices sent out until otherwise advised.

Please note: There will be two charges for September.  One sent via the old system for the first few days before the new system went live and one generated from the new system starting the 5th September. This will not occur again

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