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Top of The South News with Jenny Pomeroy

With bridge calendars just about finished for the year, TOTS congratulate the following for winning their respective Club Championship Pairs:


Senior                                    Roger and Carol Minchin

Intermediate                         Lesley Rogers and Hec Arbuthnott



Senior                                    Diane Groom and Adrian Abraham

Junior                                    Jenny Vaile and Lyn Carrodus


Westport                               Val Mundy and  Wayne Smith


Golden Bay

Open                                      Jean Beatson and Christine Mead

Junior                                    David Sarll and Jean Wedderburn


Motueka                              Mary McCallum and Ann Cegarra

Kaikoura                               Pam Whitehead and Stuart Grant


Marlborough                       Chris Marshall and Ed Roggeveen


Picton                                    Reg Nicol and Jennifer Cunningham


Some new names there which is always a delight.

 Tournament News

We have also rounded off the year with two very successful tournaments: Golden Bay 3A and Westport 5A.  Both, as always, well subscribed and both put on excellent hospitality and stunning weather for us.

Golden Bay was ably directed by Craig Shanahan who always adds his own touch - this time awarding “Golden Roughs” (sweets he brought from Australia) to the highest placed Intermediates (Mike and Pauline Murtagh, from Wellington) and Juniors (local pair Pam Wilson and Karalyn Cavaye).  Other prize winners were:


1st        Chris Turner and Ian Brash with a whopping 72% in the morning session, 10% ahead of the rest of the field

2nd       Adrian Abraham and John Penny

3rd       Father/ daughter pair of Bevan and Vicki Russell


1st        Mike and Pauline Murtagh

2nd       Jean Beatson and Christine Mead

3rd       Steve Aitken and Celia McKechnie

GB 1S Chris Turner Ian Brash.jpeg     GB 3S Bevan and Vicki Russell.jpeg   GB 1H Mike and Pauline Murtagh Jenny Cooper.jpeg

Chris Turner looks like a man who scored     Bevan and Vicki Russell. Can you          Mike and Pauline Murtagh, top "Hearts"

72% in a session. He did, with plenty of         pick the family resemblance?                 along with Golden Bay President, Jenny

help from Ian Brash.                                                                                                     Cooper (right).


1st        Eleanor Bradshaw and Brian Renwick

2nd       Martin and Justine Thompson

3rd       Mary McCallum and Ann Cegarra

Jean and Christine also won the local prize for the highest place Golden Bay Pair: the Clem Mead Trophy.  Lovely to see Christine bring that home.

 GB 2H Jean Beatson Christine Mead.jpeg                                                                     GB 2D Martin and Justine Thompson.jpeg

Jean Beatson and Christine Mead with the                                                       Martin and Justine Thompson (2nd in Diamond

Clem Mead Trophy.                                                                                                 Grade.)

A few weeks later we were welcomed into Westport by the following billboard for their 5A Tournament

 Wesport 1.jpeg                                               Westport 3.jpeg


Again a fabulous turnout and not just for the whitebait!  A great day, well directed by Bev Gay, who had on occasion had to turn to school teacher tactics to keep us all in order.  We were a noisy crew It was particularly special to have 6 players from Greymouth attend.  A first for all of them and they promise to be back for more.

 W Greymouth players.jpeg

Greymouth ran a heat of the New Zealand Wide Pairs and here are members of this unaffiliated

club playing at Westport's tournament. Here's hoping to see more of these players..and their club.

Spades                                                                                               Hearts                                                   

  1st Jane and John Skipper                                                                 1st        Tony and Susan Hinkley

  2nd Max Robb and Geoff Norris                                                        2nd       Chris Henry and Carolyn Wood

  3rd Carol Minchin and Sheila Beggs                                                 3rd       Sherryn Malthus and Barbara Gordon

Diamonds                                                                                            Clubs

1st        Sue Glue and Michelle Gunn                                                  1st        Garry Howard and Jill Ireland

2nd       Val Mundy and Wayne Smith                                                   2nd       Alan and Ann Blackie

3rd       Pat Murphy and Michelle Ritchie                                             3rd       Ron and Shirley Hebberd

W 1S Jane and John Skipper.jpeg     W 3D Pat Murphy Michelle Ritchie.jpeg  W 3C Ron and Shirley Hebberd.jpeg

 Spade winners, Jane and John Skipper      3rd in the Diamonds, Pat Murphy and       Ron and Shirley Hubbard, 3rd in the

                                                                      Michelle Ritchie                                        Clubs presented with their prize by Phil


Golden Bay’s Beth Burdett took the shortcut home through the Heaphy Track.  This the way to do it, Beth.

Beth Heaphy.jpeg

 No traffic problems. What a great way to return home from a bridge tournament.

Beth Burdett on the Heaphy Track. The only snag is if you are needing to be home in a hurry... or maybe if

it rains....not that that happens much on the We(s) t  Coast (does it!).

Other news

“Tops of the Country” at the “Babich”

 A fabulous turn out in Nelson for the NZ Wide Pairs – the club with the highest number of entries. 

Fantastic result for Jenny and Peter Story whose 78% winning score was achieved at Kaikoura . 

We loved the Inter Provincials

A great time was had by all at the IPs.  The players were really appreciative of how Wellington Bridge Club looked after them, especially the food (thanks Mindy) and the shuttle (thanks Bruce). The Intermediates did well, coming third.  The team was made up of Wayne Smith and Val Mundy from Westport and Pam Whitehead and Stuart Grant from Kaikoura; the first time Kaikoura has ever had a pair selected. Pam has also been co-opted onto the TOTS committee.  We truly have a representative committee with members from all corners of our region.  Thanks Pam for stepping up.

Improvers Lessons in “The Bay”


Refresher Bridge in Golden Bay. Not a drop of wine in sight...then!

Ann Blackie has been running improvers’ lessons in Golden Bay on a Sunday evening, with the option of being irrigated with a glass of wine.  Good turnouts there

Radio Bridge in Westport

Westport’s Ray Curnow and Phil Rutherford are continuing with their Saturday morning radio session, and Ray has done some good write ups in the Westport News.

Player News

Kaikoura’s new players are settling in well and loving the game. Rosemary Hargreaves won their most improved new player award and Alex Fissenden best novice.  Motueka’s Chris Sutton was their highest point scorer of the year; 1000 C Points. Go Chris.

The region is in good heart!


Back in the New Year – have a great Christmas everyone.



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