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Gold Coast Update. Teams,'s "teeming" with them

Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday are Teams days for everyone. That’s four 14 board matches per day, Swiss style. In the Open event, the top 6 qualify and in each of the others, the top 2 play a final. That makes it quite tough to qualify but everyone enjoys trying.

So, after two days and 8 rounds (4 to go), this is how the Kiwis are doing (or those in the upper positions in the competitions):

(Kiwis in bold)

Open (226 teams)

2.  Braun

Michael Whibley, Roger Lee, Liam Milne, Nye Griffiths, Kornel Lazar, Andy Hung


7. Ware

Michael Ware, GeO Tislevoll, Matthew Brown, Pete Hollands, Andrew Mill, Tony Nunn


12. Davies

Kate Davies, John Patterson, Murat Genc, Wayne Burrows


15. Badley

Duncan Badley, Paula Boughey, Alister Stuck, Andrew Tarbutt


20. Cartner

Linda Cartner, Jonathan Westoby, Fuxia Wen, Ian Berrington


25. Simpson

Sam and Jo Simpson, Jan Cormack, Grant Jarvis, Fred Whitaker








Seniors (36 teams)

4. Woodhall

Noel Woodhall, Andrew Janisz, Elli Urbach,Ferenc Budai


6. Palmer

Barry and Glenis Palmer, Neil Stuckey, Christine Wilson


9. Guy

Lindsay Guy, Steve Gray, Robyn Freeman- Greene, Dale Lacey









Intermediate (86 teams)

1. Hajmasi

Kinga Hajmasi, Andrew Michl, Jody and Barry Whale


4. Humphrey

Bill Humphrey, Paul Carson Wenmoth, Anna Chappell, Marilyn Kennedy


12. Snelling

Derek Snelling, Sally-Ann Murphy, Alison and John Ruddell


13. Deaker

Ann Deaker, Marilyn Copland, Erica Tie, Lyn Mould





Restricted (88 teams)

1. Bowers

Nicky Bowers, Joy Watkinson, Richard Stuart, Dave Garratt


8. Bannister

Jane O’Brien, Chris Hagen, Ian Bannister, Fran Martin


9. Kalma

Anna Kalma, Rochelle Van Heuven,Charlotte Jager, Tim Rigter


14. Chatterton

Dawn Simpson, Jeanette Chatterton, Suzette McIlroy, Junette McIntyre


(Novice 28 teams)

That’s 464 teams, or a lot of bridge players… and notice that Kiwis are leading the way in two of the five categories. Go Kiwis!

Now to an analysis of all 56 boards at all 464 tables. It’s OK…. Do not switch off! Just two boards at two tables! Two good pieces of declarer play.

Reaching 4Heart-small was not hard but making it was.

Gold Coast Teams Round 4

Board 17
North Deals
None Vul

9 6 5 4 2


A J 9 7 4

4 3


Q 10 9 7 4

Q 10 5

A 8 6 2








A J 10 3

A 8 6 5

K 8 3

Q 7


Q 8 7

K J 2

6 2

K J 10 9 5








1 NT


2 ♦


3 ♥


4 ♥

All pass



Do not draw trumps too soon.

After a weak no trump opening, West transfers and East makes a super-accept. Game reached with South leading the Diamond-small6. There is a likely club loser, a certain trump loser (hopefully only one) and a difficult diamond situation. Also, there’s ruffing to be done in both hands… not easy.

The opening diamond goes to the 5,9 and K. You can probably anticipate the actual lie of the diamond suit. Play a spade to the king, heart to the ace, Spade-smallA discarding a diamond and then Spade-small10. Up comes the queen but discard your certain diamond loser on that. If South draws two rounds of trumps, you are fine. Say, though, South exits a diamond. Ruff, and play Club-smallA and a second club. South can only exit a club which you ruff and play your Spade-smallJ. South is powerless whether they ruff or discard. Only then , if they discard, do you play trumps. Thanks to Jonathan Westoby for the analysis.

Lose what you have to lose early.

John Skipper was in a lot of strife. A hugely competitive auction had pushed him to where he did not want to be, 5Spade-small as North. An initial club lead would have finished him off but that did not happen.

Gold Coast Teams Round 5

Board 2
East Deals
N-S Vul
A K 10 6 5 4 3
A K 3
5 3
9 2
A 3 2
9 8 6 4
K Q 9 6
W   E
Q J 7
K J 8 7 6 5 4
J 10
10 9
Q 7 5 2
A J 10 8 4 2
5  by North


East led the Heart-smallK and switched to the Diamond-smallJ. Doubleton Spade-smallQJ or a 3-3 diamond break would be nice for John but as you can see, neither happened. He won the diamond in hand and played three rounds of spades. East won to continue diamonds. John won in hand and played Club-small3 to the ace and ruffed dummy’s last heart before running all his remaining trumps throwing the remaining three clubs from dummy on the last three rounds of trumps. In the two card ending, John had the Diamond-small3 and Club-small5 in his hand. Dummy had Diamond-smallQ7 and poor West…? He wanted to keep two diamonds and the Club-smallK but John insisted that West discarded!

West threw the Club-smallK and John played Club-small5 and Diamond-smallQ as his 10th and 11th winning tricks. That’s what everyone goes to the Gold Coast for, isn’t it?

See you in the morning with more news of the Kiwis. Click here for the full results so far.

Richard Solomon

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