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National Bridge Congress Update

In just over two weeks, we will all be getting ready for the first round of the JLT New Zealand Open and Restricted Open Pairs. The big day will be here very soon. The good news is that numbers coming look like being up there with the high numbers of the last couple of years.

In 2016, we had 678 register for all or part of the week while the equivalent number last year was 657. The total so far this year is 634 and is growing every day. 2016 was the largest NZ Congress ever. So, this year stands a chance of beating that number. These figures exclude The National Youth Teams and Bridge New Zealand Novice Pairs.

The number who have attended the whole Congress in the last two years, plus current year to date are:





2018 to date



We are expecting at least 72 players coming from overseas. This is the same number as we had in 2017.

Congress  whole playing room.jpg
A great place to be.

So, numbers are good. The hotel is almost fully booked out… and there is a good spread of players coming. Most players do not enter some of the events until Congress Week but here is a comparative update of some of the events:

                                                            2017                          2018 to date

JLT New Zealand Open Pairs                150 pairs                   138 pairs

JLT Restricted Open Pairs                      62 pairs                     59 pairs

Hamilton City N Z Open Teams              110 teams                 104 teams

New Zealand Intermediate Pairs              68 pairs                     50 pairs

Pianola Intermediate Teams                    28 teams                   26 teams

Restricted Open Swiss Pairs                   58  pairs                    36 pairs

Intermediate Swiss Pairs                         64 pairs                     44 pairs

It’s great to see the Intermediate/Junior events filling up..and hopefully we will see a good number of new pairs come along to the Bridge New Zealand Novice Pairs during the afternoon of Sunday September 30th (you do not need to pre-enter for that event.)

Patrick Julie 1st nz pairs 17.jpg                                   Players09.jpg
Can Julie Atkinson and Patrick Carter                                      They will all be back helping to run the event:
 repeat their feat of winning The New Zealand                           directors Tony Morcom, Allan Joseph, Matthew McManus along
 Open Pairs?                                                                               with scoring guru, Peter Busch.
Rubber Bridge Contestants

All seven regions have found the pair(s) to represent them in the finals of the National Rubber Bridge competition. Wellington had by far the most pairs taking part and so qualified for the extra pair. Here then are the eight pairs who will be playing the National title..and the decent sum of prize money which goes with it. The quarter-finals will be played on the evening of Friday September 28th at 7.30pm:

Auckland- Northland

Michael Curry – Malcolm Mayer

Waikato Bays

Nick Whitten – Janice Bell

Central Districts

Robyn and Don Nightingale


Johnny Davidson – Susan Laurenson


Peter Newell – Martin Reid

Top of The South

Sita Monaghan – Carol Minchin


Jane Lennon – Jan Alabaster

Otago - Southland

Ann Cosgrove – Marilyn Jackson


You can still enter:

clockk ticking.png

Any event…except, of course, the Rubber Bridge! If you are still to register, just follow this link and make your entry. We would appreciate it if you paid in advance as well.

And you just cannot be there?

Then follow the results and read the Daily Bulletins.


Richard Solomon


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