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Top of The South News with Jenny Pomeroy

Fair to say that bridge in Top of the South has got off to a flying start in 2019 with three well attended tournaments to date.  The year, as always, kicked off with the Top of the South 10A Open Teams in Marlborough at the end of January.

 22 Teams from Top of the South and beyond.  Richmond’s Pam Dravitzki and Wellington’s Kate Davies, John Patterson and Mindy Wu, took the top honour, with Lindsey Guy and Steve Gray (Nelson / Richmond) and Dale Lacey and Robyn Freeman-Greene (Wellington) second, Adrian Abraham (Nelson), Tony Oberdries (Marlborough) and Paula Gregory and Michael Johnstone (Timaru) 3rd.  The Nelson players did particularly well, with Sita Monaghan, Sally Moore, Vicki Russell and Jane Worthington 4th, Carol and Roger Minchin, Jana Bott and Ray Cannell 5th and winning the Hearts Grades were Chris Turner, Ian Brash, Wayne McCoy and Kevin Hill.

A break in February and off to Westport on 2 March.  Marlborough’s Chris Henry and Tony Oberdries winning the day, Lindsey Guy and Steve Gray 2nd and locals Phil Rutherford and Ray Curnow 3rd.  Pam Dravitzki playing with Sheila Beggs, came 8th, earning those final points and is now our region’s latest Grand Master.  Many many congratulations Pam.  Congratulations are also due to Westport local players and 2018 learners, Chris Collins, David Beattie, and Jenny van Beek for whom this was their first ever tournament, Chris and David coming 23rd and Jenny (playing with Val Mundy) 11th!  Watch out for these three!


And finally last weekend saw the Nelson Open Teams.  24 teams from the region and a few ring-ins battled it out over 6 rounds.  Catering magnificent and I’d like to think that service at the bar was non too shoddy either.  Robin Young, a New Zealand Bridge life member assisted with the prize giving.

The hard-working bar staff                                       2nd in the Spades grade                  

 Jenny Pomeroy bar.jpeg              Dale Lacey Robyn Freeman Greene Maurice Carter Jim Jessep.jpeg
   Jenny Pomeroy and Gary Chalmers                        Dale Lcey, Robyn Freeman-Greene, Maurice Carter and Jim Jessep

1st Spades and overall winners:         Steve Gray, Lindsey Guy, Pam Dravitzki and Sheila Beggs

2nd Spades                                         Dale Lacey, Robyn Freeman-Greene, Maurine Carter and Jim Jessep

3rd Spades                                         Tony Oberdries, Ed Roggeveen, Wayne Smith and Adrian Abraham

                                                                        Top of the Hearts

 Ruth Allison, Susan Hinkley Helen Fitzgerald Robin Young Tony Hinkley.jpeg Raewyn Taylor Barbara Gordon Kevin Hill Wayne McCoy.jpeg  Jill Ireland Garry Howard Freda Herring Jocelyn Wallace.jpeg        
Ruth Allison, Susan Hinkley, Helen Fitzgerald,    Raewyn Taylor, Barbara Gordon,     Jill Ireland, Garry Howard, Freda Herring
Robin Young and Tony Hinkley                        Kevin Hill and Wayne McCoy               and Jocelyn Wallace (with Robin Young)

1st Hearts & 2nd overall                                  Ruth Allison, Susan Hinkley, Helen Fitzgerald, Robin Young and Tony Hinkley

2nd Hearts & 3rd overall                                 Raewyn Taylor, Barbara Gordon, Kevin Hill and Wayne McCoy

3rd Hearts                                                      Jill Ireland, Garry Howard, Freda Herring and Jocelyn Wallace

4th Hearts                                                      Glenys Tyler, Wendy Coburn, Jo Gear & Robyn Callaghan

                                from the top Diamonds

 Sherryn Malthus Joan Heaphy Joan Mander Kay Cotton.jpeg                         Allan and Julius Mulligan David Laing.jpeg
Sherryn Malthus, Joan Heaphy, Joan Mander               Allan and Julius Mulligan and David Laing
and Kay Cotton                                                                 (Absent Kathy Mardon)

1st Diamonds and 6th overall                                        Sherryn Malthus, Joan Heaphy, Joan Mander and Kay Cotton

2nd Diamonds                                                               Lorna Scurr, Pam Wilson, Jude Edmondson and Suzan van Wjinngarden

3rd Diamonds                                                               Allan Mulligan, Julius Mulligan, David Laing and Kathy Mardon


Other news

Golden Bay and Motueka held the first round of the Margaret Cederman Trophy.  The trophy is contested each year, with two rounds one in Golden Bay, the other in Motueka; the winner being the highest aggregate score. Golden Bay are currently 7 IMPs ahead. 

The following day Jenny Wilkinson held a brilliant training day; Golden Bay looking to hold on to their lead? Marcia Woodbury has been teaching “Bridge in a day” in Marlborough, bringing in 12 new faces and 3 returnees.  Maurice Carter has also being imparting his wisdom in Picton holding improver lessons on Monday afternoons; supervised duplicate, where play follows a 10 minute lesson and he is on hand to answer questions as they arise.  Barbara Fechney is in charge of the food, which is well received.  And Kaikoura had 4 at the Gold Coast, Pam Whitehead, Stuart Grant, Charmaine Hanbury-Webber and Teri Sonal.  Pretty good turn out for a small club and they all made the cut in the Restricted Pairs.  Fair to say a good time had as well.

And finally for the Junior and Intermediates in our Region – building on the success of last year, Top of the South, under the direction of Ray Curnow, are once again running the champions leagues. This year they have secured very generous sponsorship from Harcourts. So, get yourselves along to tournaments and make sure you are part of the “Harcourts Top of the South Junior and Intermediate Champions League.”  There are posters on your club notice boards.



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