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a lighter look

                                ONLY ON THIS DAY.

   It is a special day when one can get away with all manner of unusual events. Most of ours are pictorial, either ones of a slightly different style or else that just would not be the following:

Pathway to Stardom                                                                 I did not know you cared!

sleeping Matty Brown.JPG                                Michael Ware  Glenn Coutts(cropped.jpg
Matty Brown is certainly on track. All we can                          Maybe Glenn Coutts' partner, Michael Ware,
deduce is that concentration is not one of the                        had just made an overtrick in 1NT! Whatever it was,
attributes one needs to reach the heights in                           it made Glenn very happy.
the bridge world.

Just Another Session of Bridge                                      Another Colourful Day

Royle Epsom Bridge Marathon 18.jpg                             Loud shirt day Golden Bay.JPG
or a Royle Epsom Bridge Marathon!                                    Loud Shirt Day at Golden Bay.

Praying that all power cables will work                                                "Handsome"....

David Edson on his knees 2016.jpg                          Russell handsome Wilson.jpg      
 a typical pose of David Edson at our                              but who can tell? Rumour (or smiling Alister Stuck)
National Congress                                                           has it that we are looking at Russell Wilson but he
                                                                                       must be practising holding a powerful hand
                                                                                       at his next session.


In Cognito...                                                                  ....Time for a Board Meeting?                                                           

Tony Sutich (Mick Fleetwood).jpg                                                    Karen M 2017 IPs.jpg
... but seen around our capital.                                     Just another day at the office for
Mick Fleetwood or Tony Sutich.                                    one of our Mooloo Board Members.
One's a good singer and the other's
pretty OK at the bridge table.

The Future of Bridge....1                                            The Future of Bridge.....2

BBI  2    June16 .jpg                    Jeremy.JPG
  playing anywhere! Who needs a table!                    "Tiger at the table?" Beware!


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