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June 2019.  Allan Joseph.

Just about any month Allan Joseph, director, member of Wellington's Kairangi and Wellington Bridge Club, would legitimately be able to be nominated as the New Zealand Bridge's Volunteer of the Month. June 2019 is indeed that month, being nominated by the Wellington Region and Kairangi Bridge Club. Tony Sutich has been closely involved with both bodies. Here is his tribute.

A great contributor to Bridge – at Club, Regional and National level.

Allan Joseph 2.JPG 
Alan Kerr, Kairangi Club President,
  Regional Committee Treasurer, Heather Jared and Allan

Allan started playing bridge in 2001 when he joined up with the Kairangi Bridge Club in the eastern suburbs of Wellington. At a very early stage in his bridge career, Allan of his own volition took a very keen interest in bridge directing issues and progressed through all the qualification stages to eventually become a National Director.

Through his very friendly, courteous approach and teaching abilities, Allan has become a popular Director and trainer of Directors throughout New Zealand. Allan has also recently been conducting shorter training courses for those players who wish to assist with directing in their own local club sessions in the Wellington Region.

At his home club of Kairangi, Allan has served on the Committee for 7 years, including 2 years as President in 2008 and 2009. Naturally he has organised the directing roster at Kairangi from 2008 onwards and taken particular interest in ensuring Kairangi has a good number of qualified well trained Directors. Allan with his excellent “handy-man” skills has also contributed to the smooth running of the Club.

Alan Joseph
Allan...always smiling, always courteous

Allan has also served on the Wellington Regional Committee for 2 years and stepped aside from this when he became a Board Member of New Zealand Bridge from 2014 to 2017.

All of us in the Wellington bridge community owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Allan for the work he has done for us over the years and always with a friendly smile on his face.

If there is someone at your club who you think is deserving of this monthly award, please get your club committee to nominate them. They should send me their name and a description of what they have done to be nominated. It can be just one thing at one time or an accumulation of contributions over many years.

It is just a small way we can thank those who give so much to the running of our clubs. Please email me on   or call me on 09 232 8494.




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