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The Bridge Zone Show - 082

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This week's show includes:


It’s a numbers show today

        Who would have thought that we talk numbers so often

 Bridge Zone 12 Feb 2020 001.jpg


Grand slams for Africa at Rotorua – wow – plenty to be had there


                       Malcolm Smith

                        Karen Harris

                        Evelyn Hurley

                        Kathy Yule

        Handicap Winners

                        John Driscoll

                        Rona Driscoll

                        Heini Lux

                        Alan Dick

Forcing Bids

  •         Barry yaks about these - it should be so simple
  •         Game force is game force
  •         Support with support

Gold Coast Congress

     Bridge Zone 12 Feb 2020  002.jpg  

  •         Another excellent Congress to go to
  •         We have reached out to Tim Runting – the Convenor
  •         Hope to get an update with what’s happening over there
  •         The Corona virus – we wonder what if any impact it may have on the event

Waihi All Grades March 14th

  •         Get your entry in
  •         1st cab off the rank for the new Restricted League

Team Mates Announced for the Mixed Teams going to Italy

  •         Welcome - Sam and Jo Simpson
  •         What’s the cost per person? – we had a quick tally up
  •         Book in your seats…

 Bridge Zone Show 12 Feb 2020 003.jpg

Post card from Scotland

  •         We have an update from Sam Punch
  •         Keep Bridge Alive Pro Am is next weekend in London

Judge Julie

  •         Here’s looking at you darling…
  •         Apple pie

 The Bridge Zone Show 12 Feb 2020 004.jpg

Tip of the week

  •         At the 5 level - no wrinkles here

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