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Right Sided: Right Result.

The task for the East-West pairs on Board 26 was to ensure that East got to the declarer seat before their partner. If they did, then all routes should lead to +620. If West did become declarer, then a “star-studied” North hand had to find the right lead to secure +100.

It’s pretty random from that North seat with a fine looking Spade-small83  Heart-small 852  Diamond-small Q9765  Club-small T85 after a sequence like:

                   West          East

                                      1Club-small (2+)

                   1Spade-small             2Spade-small

                    2NT          4Spade-small


Attacking with a diamond did not work while there seems not much to choose between the other non-trump suits. It is just that one worked and the other did not!

There was a nice end-play, though, for the East players (or West players who avoided the club lead) to find:

Board 26
East Deals
Both Vul
8 3
8 5 2
Q 9 7 6 5
10 8 5
K 9 7 2
A 9 3
A 10 2
9 4 3
W   E
Q J 5 4
K 7 6 4
K J 3
A 10 6
Q J 10
8 4
A Q 7 6 2


With a certain spade and heart loser, and assuming you can play diamonds for no losers (a prerequisite for a successful game), you can do what you can to avoid two club losers… and despite South “lying in wait” for two tricks, you can!

South is bound to lead a nice "safe" Heart-smallQ and after one or two rounds of trumps, can exit with their third trump.

Declarer will clear the defence of any other trumps they hold and attack diamonds. While you have in theory a two-way finesse, that Diamond-small10 is a dangerous red herring. Your aim is to remove all red cards from your two hands forcing South to have to lead away from a club honour.

Therefore, if this plan is to work, you do not want to lose the lead to North. Best play your second high heart and then Diamond-smallA and Diamond-smallto the jack. If the finesse loses, you will have lost four tricks though were South out of red cards, the damage would only be -100.

As you can see, the finesse works and so your next play is a third round of hearts. South’s last four cards will be Club-smallAQ76 and you will soon be recording a well-worked +620.

dreams come true.jpg

It is great to be able to request the right distribution and place honour - cards where you want them and to succeed. A perfect lay-out.

Richard Solomon

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