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The Bridge Zone Radio Show -133

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  •                 Waitangi Pairs – Auckland
  •                 Franklin Swiss – Pukekohe


Shower Witch over Plonk

                Well I never…    




  •                 South Island Teams
  •                 Barry is too chicken to make a selection


Judge Julie

  •               Disruptions
  •               Vacant Spaces
  •               Helping Others

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New Partnerships

  •       Ace Asking
  •        Quantitative Bids


New Email

  •       We share the entries
  •       Which one do you like?


Book Competition



  •                 We announce our question
  •                 Do you have the answer?
  •                 Two weeks is the deadline
  •                 Get your entry in

The book is personally signed and a wee note added by Kim, kindly donated by NZ Bridge


At the Pond with Kermit


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