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The Bridge Zone Radio Show - 154

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Included this week:


Bailiff shares the rules on how long is too long… play a card

                You may be surprised

                Slow play

                Don’t pick on me



Barry and his Defensive Tips

                Let us know if you want the book author and title



Hamilton Teams Results

Open and Restricted Open winners announced


Mereana’s Novices

Get thrown in with the sharks Tuesday 13th July

                We couldn’t wait for the results to share


The 3 Little Aces

                It all heating up here in this race

                Here is the weekly tally up



                31st August is the latest to get the discounted rate


At the pond with Kermit

            What goes on tour, stays on tour

                Tip #30

                Philosophical and calm

            Making Sensible Decisions


Kia ora Gary from California



Happy bridging people

See you at the tables

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