Do you bid over 3NT? If so what?


W   E
7 6 3 2
A K Q 7 4 3 2
West North East South
Pass 1  Pass 1 
Pass 3 NT Pass ?

 1Diamond-small opening promises at least 4 diamonds. If it is relevant, you are playing a weak no-trump based system. 

What is your choice? Do you pass? Do you bid? If so, what?





Started by RICHARD SOLOMON on 04 Apr 2016 at 01:50PM

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  1. TONY HINKLEY04 Apr 2016 at 03:09PM

    Four losers opposite a balanced thirteen count with a decent club stopper does not look that great for Six Diamonds as the club honours hold no interest for me.

    i PASS.

  2. MICHAEL WARE04 Apr 2016 at 04:08PM


    I would pass at matchpoiints, but at teams there are so any hands where slam is cold it is worth having a go as you can play 5D if necessary.


    Michael Ware


  3. STANLEY ABRAHAMS04 Apr 2016 at 05:54PM

    Pass, reluctantly.

    Who is my partner who won't ask me anything? Where was the 4th suit? I could then bid 3D over 2C. We need to know the method of scoring, point a board could be interesting?  I am not enamoured by my Spade stopper, and guess N will not be too happy either. However, for our readers, N has made a decision, I have no idea what they hold, that means I pass, and won't get too involved in the post mortem. 

  4. PETER NEWELL04 Apr 2016 at 07:01PM

    Yes, 4D - Slam could be pretty reasonable quite easily especially if partner has the Ace of hearts. Club cards like KQ will be useful for spade pitches. Give partner the perfect hand with ace if hearts and spades and KQJ of clubs and 7 is good if partner has at least 1 diamond. 4D does not commit us to slam, and if partner cooperates with 4H then slam is looking promising otherwise we can stop in 4nt or 5d. 



  5. HAMISH BROWN05 Apr 2016 at 09:20AM

    Why no 4th suit forcing from north?  With a new partner where i dont know what 3nt is I pass. 

    With my regalar partner is 3433 12-13 - i can look with 4D at teams.  Playing first and second round cues and turbo i expect partner will cue H then i will skip S bidding 5C to show 1, 3 or 5 key cards and the AC. 

    Partners 5D is a sign off - maybe we are off 3 top spades when 3NT is cold?       

  6. Ant Hopkins06 Apr 2016 at 07:19AM

    The more I think about this,the less decisive I become. Partner could have some golden cards and there are all kinds of potential stuff-ups with cues, key card and ace asks.  Partner's rapid and uninformative 3NT may suggest the contract needs to be played by North with a holding like Kx in spades or Kx clubs.  Pass, probably.

  7. RUSSELL WILSON07 Apr 2016 at 03:19PM

    Are we playing teams or match points?  At match points I will pass and hope to make at least 10 tricks beating all those in 5d.  At teams the prospect of slam will lead me to make a slam try in daimonds with 4d.


  8. TONY TURNER07 Apr 2016 at 05:31PM

    I've only promised 12 pts, 4D and 4S. If partner is jumping to 3NT he has at least an opener himself.As my regular partner and I use Gerber I can bid 4C and still get out at 4NT if necessary.


    Tony Turner

  9. REUBEN LEBERMAN10 Apr 2016 at 10:17PM

    No overbid!

  10. BILL HUMPHREY11 Apr 2016 at 03:35PM

    Did I really bid 1Spade with all those Diamonds? The 1Spade bid is the source of our problems now. It's not as though a spade contract will play much better than diamonds, even if partner has four card support.

    4th suit forcing by partner should show 5H so he is denying 4S or 5H. His shape is likely to be 3433 or 3424.

    At pairs I pass, At IMP scoring I bid 4D(forcing) and hope we can end in the right contract.

  11. HELENE LABRECHE19 May 2016 at 02:27PM

    Partner does not have 4 S nor 3 D, must have some clubs with his 4+ hearts... and maybe 1 or 2 D...easy Pass for me...partner does not seem interested in anything else.



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