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Latest News

  • Website Improvements

    27 Apr 2016

    Just to let everyone know that we are working on the Login issue when you select the "Remember Me' option, but it does not work.  We appreciate this is a hassle and do want this fixed as much as you do. Booking and paying... read more here

  • Masterpoints- Wellington Congress 10A Teams

    3 May 2016

    There are some ongoing errors with the files for this event.  I have taken the awards down from the Website and will reload once correct files have been recieved. Regards   Alister read more here

  • PLAY and DEFENCE for Improving Players

    5 May 2016

    Play Card: Have Meaning You have opened the bidding with a pre-empt and partner leads the ace of your suit. Dummy has queen and another. Your partner knows how many cards he holds in the suit. He can do a quick count as to how many cards declarer... read more here

  • Tournaments in June 2016

    23 May 2016

    Click here. read more here


    29 Apr 2016

    Playing Russian Roulette with Michael Cornell Or “How high do you go, Joe?” Joe is not his real name. If you are really interested, you could flick through the results on Board 26 at Akarana last night. What you do need to know is... read more here


    28 Apr 2016

    It’s the final round of qualification in the Open Teams. You have not had a particularly good match so far against strong opponents. You need a few imps quickly. Those annoying opponents are in the auction again being disruptive.... read more here


    28 Apr 2016

    That big step. An important time in the bridge calendar will soon be here for most bridge clubs. It is not the fact that there are lots of tournaments as that seems to be true all year round….or even that elections for regional committees... read more here

  • Central Districts' News with George MacLachlan

    27 Apr 2016

    News about a Central Districts’ player now on the NZ Bridge Board, another who has become a father and one who has been showing his club members how a top player thinks, news of Hawkes' Bay Congress and all the recent Tournament Winners.... read more here

  • PLAY and DEFENCE for Improving Players

    27 Apr 2016

    MAKING IT TOUGHER That’s what you are there for as a defender. Some contracts cannot be beaten. Some contracts cannot be made. There’s unlucky leads, misplays and misdefences all amounting to some contracts making when they should not... read more here

  • Announcement- NZ Mixed Team for 2016

    26 Apr 2016

    The Selectors are pleased to announce that the following self-funded team has been chosen to represent NZ at Wroclaw in September of this year:   Tom Jacob (playing captain) Andi Boughey James Coutts Ellena Moskovsky Nick Jacob Ella... read more here

  • Tournaments in May 2016

    24 Apr 2016

    Click here. read more here


    22 Apr 2016

    THE HIGH ROAD OR THE LOW ROAD? Many Acol pairs rebid 1NT after a suit opening and response from partner with 15-17 hcp and 2NT with 18-19. The rebid of 3NT becomes something of a redundant response, giving you the option of choosing a meaning. My... read more here

  • PLAY and DEFENCE for Improving Players

    20 Apr 2016

    Time to Shine. So much about play and defence is in the avoidance of errors. So, here’s an opportunity for you to do something positive to beat a contract. Down to business. You are West, playing Teams:   South... read more here

  • Top of the South News

    20 Apr 2016

    A warm welcome to our new correspondent, Jenny Pomeroy. Jenny will be well known to regular players in the TOTS region, always a plus for a regional correspondent, and has been serving on the Regional Committee. As this is the first report... read more here

  • Youth Bridge Weekend 12-14 August 2016

    18 Apr 2016

    Starts Friday evening and finishes Sunday afternoon Learn and enjoy more about bridge and meet other young people who play ... Lots of fun events plus learning more about the game AND plenty of playing bridge Organised by Richard Solomon and... read more here

  • Recent High Session Scores

    15 Apr 2016

    Here are the top session scores from up and down the country from the first three months of 2016. Find a friend's name...maybe even your own. Scores listed are 66% and above.                ... read more here


    15 Apr 2016

    The Effect of Heart Overcalls There is a saying that pairs would be a lot better off as far as imps are concerned if they had never bid a slam. That saying was reinforced for the North-South pairs in the second match at Akarana this week. For... read more here


    15 Apr 2016

    See the first three months of 2016 results from the South Island regions. Apologies that these have been published a few days after North Island results.  Canterbury Holiday Pairs (January 5th,7th,12th) Otago/Southland Swiss... read more here

  • TOURNAMENT RESULTS from Auckland-Northland and Waikato Bays

    14 Apr 2016

    It's wonderful to participate but it is also nice to achieve and for such achievement to be recognised.   So, while the top placings in most of our tournaments can be found on a club website, it is also nice to see them all... read more here

  • Tournament Results from Central Districts and Wellington Regions

    14 Apr 2016

    See the first three months of 2016 results from the Central Districts and Wellington regions.                                   ... read more here

  • PLAY and DEFENCE for Improving Players

    13 Apr 2016

    WATCH THOSE PIPS When you start playing bridge, it is all you can do to remember if the ace of a suit has gone, maybe try and count trumps but no more! Usually, even that much is too much. Yet, it does get easier the more you play and after a... read more here

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