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NZ Congress 2016

Click on the Congress menu item: heaps of events for the less confident through to experts.  For help on accessing the new site please click on What's new ..." :  it has some instructions. If you've never played Bridge, try out our online lessons or contact one of our clubs. Our aim is to get as many people enjoying Bridge as possible.


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Latest News


    24 Jun 2016

    Which is more important: The Bidding or the Play? It’s a long-standing debate. Is the battle won or lost when you reach the right contract or has the real battle not started yet? Let’s judge from two hands from this week’s play.... read more here

  • Draft 2017 tournament schedule

    23 Jun 2016

    The draft 2017 tournament schedule is available for checking so please have a look at the Tournament page and address any queries or corrections to your regional committee. read more here

  • Share The Moment

    23 Jun 2016

    Here’s an opportunity for you to tell an interesting,perhaps funny story about some recent bridge happening. Maybe your partner or an opponent did something pretty smart. (You are far too modest to own up to your own brilliancies, I hope!).... read more here

  • Central Districts' News with George MacLachlan

    22 Jun 2016

      Junior/Intermediate Teams winners at the Hawke's Bay Congress, Susan Brown, Karen Eriksen, Jolene Zink and Judith Lucas There’s only one place to begin, at this year’s, the 24th, Hawke’s Bay Congress. It was held as... read more here

  • Novices To The Fore at Tauranga

    22 Jun 2016

     A "Recipe for Success" by Karen Martelletti The Tauranga club decided to take a leaf out of the book of the Hamilton club and run a novice session alongside their Intermediate and Junior tournaments (all held on the same day). The novices... read more here

  • PLAY and DEFENCE for Improving Players

    22 Jun 2016

        You wish, don’t you that the line you take for any contract is the right line, the play that ensures your contract is “cold”. You do not want always to have easy contracts, at least not if you want to do well,... read more here

  • Sweet Success for Jeter and Fuxia

    22 Jun 2016

    National Swiss Pairs, Auckland. (18th/19th June) Akarana’s Fuxia Wen and Jeter Liu had only played one tournament together before they agreed to play The National Swiss Pairs this year. They struck gold on this occasion when a series of... read more here

  • A "Royle" Fundraiser

    17 Jun 2016

    Congratulations to the Royle Epsom Bridge Club and especially to the club owner, Angela Royle, who organized a 24 hour Bridge Marathon on Friday/ Saturday 11th/12th June in the clubrooms. The event raised $7245 for children with severe burns... read more here


    17 Jun 2016

    The Art of Diving Two boards offered East-West the chance of diving at perhaps uncomfortable levels but few achieved the optimum results on the two boards. Certainly, one required North-South to take mildly aggressive action before the... read more here


    16 Jun 2016

    Just over three months to go…and counting down. We hope lots of you are planning on coming to Hamilton in late September for all or part of this year’s National Congress. It will be an “international” Congress as we... read more here

  • PLAY and DEFENCE for Improving Players

    15 Jun 2016

    Why Take One Finesse When You Can Take Two? Good players do not take them if there is any way to avoid doing so. Their track record is no better than yours or mine. They have a habit of failing! So, why am I suddenly advocating taking more... read more here

  • Top of The South News with Jenny Pomeroy

    15 Jun 2016

    Like all regions it’s been a busy couple of months with tournaments on many weekends, IP Trials, club champs well underway, learners’ lessons in full swing and I have even had a grammar lesson from Richard Solomon! (no charge!)... read more here

  • Recent High Session Scores in May

    14 Jun 2016

    To average over 73% in a two session tournament is a great achievement. Genevieve and Tim Webb did that last month at Gore with the top two scores anywhere in May and two of the four highest scores in tournaments anywhere this year. They are still... read more here

  • Tournament Results: Lower North Island

    14 Jun 2016

    Here are the May 2016 results for the Central Districts and Wellington Regions. The Inter-Provincial results have been shown already and are not repeated here. Upper Hutt Open Pairs (1st May )   Feilding Intermediate Pairs (7th May)... read more here

  • Tournament Results: South Island

    14 Jun 2016

    Here are the results for May for the South Island regions. Once again, the Inter-Provincial week-end has been ignored. Look at that huge percentage at Gore for Genevieve and Tim Webb winning a two session tournament by over 32%. Naturally, they... read more here

  • TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Upper North Island

    14 Jun 2016

     Here are the May 2016 results from the upper North Island. The Inter-Provincial Results have been shown previously and are not included in these or the other areas' results. High Session scores follows as well. Kerikeri Open Pairs... read more here

  • Have you seen the cinema advert ?

    11 Jun 2016

    Click here to view read more here

  • Our Kids Can Enjoy Bridge with Your Help

    10 Jun 2016

    We bridge players are used to hearing comments made like “My grandmother plays bridge.” The comments we want to hear more of are ones like: “My grandchildren are playing bridge…and love the game.”   New... read more here


    10 Jun 2016

    Wild Weather and Hands The dealing machine was certainly in tune with the elements this Wednesday night and threw up some freaky hands with awkward decisions in the bidding and play. One of the more awkward ones came early in the evening.... read more here

  • AUCKLAND NEWS with Douglas Russell

    8 Jun 2016

           Douglas's co-correspondent. Read on to find out more. Well, the weather in Auckland might be pretty chilly at the moment, but the bridge is hot hot hot, with tournaments just about every weekend (and more) to... read more here

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