Special Intermediate and Junior events

The National Bridge Congress is for all tournament players, whether you are Open, Intermediate or Junior grade.

Many Open players have been to the National Congress before but Junior and Intermediate players may be thinking of coming for the first time. We hope many Junior and Intermediate players will come and enjoy the experience. We believe the Congress, while competitive, is also a very friendly and social place to be. We want you all to experience that, whether you come for just one day or all eight days.

As an Intermediate or Junior player, you can play in any event though there are four exclusively for you and not for Open players. It has been  our dream, our aim, to eventually have enough Junior pairs/ teams to have events just for Juniors. This year, we have started to see that wish take place as for the first time, we have the New Zealand Junior Pairs (see details below).With respect to Teams and Swiss Pairs, for this year, Intermediates and Juniors will play in the same field but with special prizes for Junior players.

The lower ranking Open players are allowed to play with Intermediates and Juniors in the following events:

  * New Zealand Restricted Open Pairs: Sat/Sun 28/29th September 4 sessions (morning/afternoon both days)  
  * New Zealand Restricted Open Teams: Tues/Wed- 1st/2nd October 4 sessions  morning & afternoon both days)    

but these next three events are just for Intermediates and Juniors:

Please note there are special events for Intermediate and Junior players.

You are welcome to play in any Congress event but the following are just for Intermediates and Juniors:

New Zealand Intermediate Teams

Thursday 3rd October

3 sessions: morning,afternoon,evening

New Zealand Intermediate Pairs

Friday 4th October

2 sessions: morning,afternoon

New Zealand Junior Pairs

Friday 4th  October

2 sessions: morning,afternoon

Congress Intermediate Swiss Pairs

Friday/Saturday 4th/5th October

3 sessions: Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon

Please note the NZ Junior Pairs is a new event. Junior players can play in any of the above 4 events. There will be special prizes for Junior pairs/ teams taking part in the NZ Intermediate Teams and Intermediate Swiss Pairs.

 Follow this link (click here) for more details about each of the events.

"Congress" is a wonderful experience. Enjoy the bridge. Revel in the atmosphere. Gain some more master-points.

If you want to know more, email me on richard.solomon@nzbridge.co.nz   or phone me on 09 232 8494  ...... any time.



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