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The 35th New Zealand National Bridge Congress is the premier bridge event in our annual calendar and was last attended by over 700 players. In 2020, it will be held in Hamilton from Saturday 26th September to Saturday 3rd October 2020(Youth Teams Friday, September 25th) with events open to all levels of players, from grand-master to Novice players. You can enter many individual events or select a cost-effective Package that suits you.


8 Days - The Full Package: $410 if paid by the 31st August 2020.

  • Play the whole week and pick and choose in which events you want to play or for which you are eligible.  
  • A travel subsidy for South Island players applies as follows: 
                  $125 for those from the Christchurch-Nelson-Blenheim-Kaikoura areas
                  $150 for those from the Dunedin-Timaru-Oamaru-West Coast areas
                  $200 for those from the Queenstown-Invercargill areas.  

3 Days - The NZ Open Pairs Package or NZ Open Restricted Pairs Package: $160 if paid by the 31st August 2020.

  • The Open Pairs Package includes the Congress Pairs and/or MatchPoint Swiss Pairs if you do not qualify for subsequent rounds of the NZ Pairs
  • The Open Restricted Pairs Package includes free entry to the MatchPoint Swiss Pairs (on the Monday)                                                                                       

    Weekend Package. A Package for those who cannot afford to take time off work or who just want to play the two weekends. $180 which covers entry to either New Zealand Open Pairs or New Zealand Restricted Open Pairs during the first weekend of Congress and to any of the Swiss Pairs events on the second weekend (Friday night: Saturday day)

    • Includes entry to Congress Pairs (re New Zealand Pairs entries) and to MatchPoint Swiss Pairs (Monday) where pairs do not qualify in respect of New Zealand Open Pairs or have entered New Zealand Restricted Open Pairs.
    • Price of Package increases to $200 for entries paid for after 31st August 2020.

5 Days - The NZ Open/Restricted Open Teams Package: $310 if paid by the 31st August 2020.

    (Note that the NZ Restricted Open Teams runs parallel to the first two days of the New Zealand Open Teams. All players of National or lower Rank can choose which of these events they would like to play in though no player of a higher rank than National can participate in the NZ Restricted Open Teams.)

  • Two days of Teams Bridge to qualify for subsequent rounds in the NZ Open Teams
  • Three further days' play (Thursday-Saturday) for those who play in the NZ Restricted Open Teams
  • Those who do not qualify for the top 16 Teams in NZ Open Teams can select up to 3 other events to play in for the rest of the week according to eligibility.  
           The Options for Thursday-Saturday play for all the above (subject to grade/age restrictions) are:
    1. The NZ Multiple Teams, NZ Senior Teams or NZ Intermediate Teams (Thursday 3 sessions)and 
    2. The NZ Mixed Pairs, NZ Same Sex Pairs, NZ Seniors Pairs, NZ Intermediate Pairs, NZ Junior Pairs (Friday, day, 2 sessions) and 
    3. The Open Swiss Pairs,  Restricted Open Swiss Pairs or  Intermediate Swiss Pairs (Friday evening, Saturday day, 3 sessions)
  • Those who are knocked out of the Top 16 or Quarter Finals of NZ Open Teams can enter events in Options 2 & 3 above and those knocked out of the Semi-Finals, can join the events in Option 3
  •  a South Island Travel Subsidy will apply to those playing in the 3 or 5 day Packages. The subsidy irrespective of departure airport will be $60.00   
Click here to view a summary of all Congress events and timetable  You will also find a printable version here if so required

Players must enter all events in which they wish to play, even if buying a package.  Players should select individual events to play either in advance of Congress or prior to the event at Congress. The exceptions are New Zealand Open and New Zealand Restricted Open Pairs which you must enter in advance of Congress. Even if you do not enter events in advance of Congress, please DO NOT just turn up on the morning of an event expecting to play. Close-off for entering events will be the day before the event (see specific event for actual time). It is better to enter an event by the close off time and withdraw because, say you have qualified for a later stage of NZ Teams than not to enter at all.


Please note there are special events for Intermediate and Junior players.

You are welcome to play in any Congress event but the following are just for Intermediates and Juniors:

New Zealand Intermediate Teams Thursday – 1st October 3 sessions (morning,afternoon,evening)  
New Zealand Intermediate Pairs Friday- 2nd October 2 sessions (morning, afternoon)  
New Zealand Junior Pairs Friday – 2nd October 2 sessions (morning, afternoon)  
Congress Intermediate Swiss Pairs Friday/ Saturday -2nd/3rd October 3 sessions (Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon)  


The processes of entering and paying are separate. Firstly you need to be registered on this site  to be logged in to enter events and pay. To enter any event click the "Enter Now" button within each event and you can then enter your details and those of your partner or team. Every event must be entered individually. NB: Paying for a Package does not mean you are entered for events.

After entering an event ...

  • you can see the confirmation on screen
  • you will receive an email for your booking (because you have registered with your email address)
  • your partners or teammates will also receive the email if they are also registered
  • you can see your entry at the bottom of My NZB page and in the event itself

Click here to pay or if you have entered an event, go to My NZB page and click the "Pay now" button beside the event.  Then select the payment options you prefer


There is a special rate for youth players who are full-time students. Enter "youth" in the promo code at the final stages of the checkout and you get a 50% discount on any Congress package or event. 
Exception: the Youth Teams is not discounted, as the entry fee is only $5pp


All prices are per person in New Zealand Dollars and include GST. Prices exclude travel, accommodation etc. Refund policy is 100% up to one week before the start of Congress, with the Organisers having flexibility on refunds against written requests after that date. Prices for NZ Open Pairs, Open Restricted Pairs and NZ Teams are 'on special' and rise by $20-$40 on 1 September. 

New Zealand Bridge Incorporated, registered as an Incorporated Society in May 1938 number 215735, disclaims warranties of reasonableness and accuracy, and all warranties with regard to the information on this site, including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. In no event shall the NZB be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of this site or participation at any NZB event.
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