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Most bridge sessions played at both club and tournament level of affiliated clubs, are played for Master Points. If you finish in approximately the top third of your field, you will receive Master Points.

Masterpoints are only awarded to events run by an affiliated club, Region or NZBridge.
There are three categories of Master Point awards:

A Points

Awarded to players who finish in the top placings of approved A point tournaments along with winners of all session of Pairs Tournaments and fractional A points to the winners of each match in Match-Play (teams).

B Points

Awarded to players who finish in the top placings of approved B point tournaments along with winners of all session of Pairs Tournaments. B points cannot be converted into A points.

C Points

Awarded to players who finish in the top placings of approved one session C point events. C Points are converted to B Points in the ratio of 100 C Points to one B Point.

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NZB Manual - Section E 



  • Local Master 0-4 stars and 100.01+ Rating Points* or
  • Local Master with 5+ stars or 
  • Provincial Master or higher Rank


  • Certificate of Proficiency or Club Master with 5+ A Points or 30.01+ Rating Points* or
  • Local Master 0-4 stars with 30.01-100 Rating Points*


  • Club Master or lower Rank with 30 or less Rating Points or 4.99 or less A Points

*Rating points will show on the website as being rounded up eg 100.29 = 101

Future Rating Point Calculator

The ABC of Masterpoints for beginners


There are ten ranks accorded to holders of Master Points

Rank Aggregate of A & B Points When stars are added  
Certificate of Proficiency 5 NA 
Club Master 20 NA 
Local Master 50 1* = 100 to 149, 2* = 150 to 199 etc 
Provincial Master 100  (including at least 50 A Points) 1* = 200 to 299, 2* = 300 to 399 etc 
Master 200  (including at least 100 A Points) 1* = 400 to 599, 2* = 600 to 799 etc  
National Master 350  (including at least 175 A Points) 1* = 700 to 1049, 2* = 1050 to 1400 etc  
Life Master 500  (including at least 250 A Points) 1* = 1000 to 1499, 2* = 1500 to 1999 etc   
Grand Master 1000  (including at least 500 A Points) 1* = 2000 to 3999, 2* = 4000 to 5999 etc 
Silver Grand Master 2500  (including at least 1250 A Points) 1* = 5000 to 7499, 2* = 7500 to 9999 etc  
Gold Grand Master 4000  (including at least 2500 A Points) 1* = 8000 to 11999, 2* = 12000 to 15999 etc  
Emerald Grand Master 8,000 (including at least 6,000 A Points)  
Platinum Grand Master 10,000 (including at least 7,500 A Points)  

 NB: Points for stars refer to B points

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A player with less than 5 A & B Points is classified as “Novice”. On reaching an aggregate of 100 Master Points, a Local Master who has not earned 50 A Points is accorded the status of Local Master - 1 Star. At 150 Master Points he becomes Local Master - 2 Star, with an additional Star for each additional 50 Master Points if they have not attained sufficient A Points. Similarly, stars are awarded to masters of other ranks who have not attained sufficient A points for promotion to a higher rank. e.g. A one-star National Master will have acquired 700 plus total Points but not yet attained 250 A Points to move to the rank of Life Master.

Masterpoint fees

The Board of NZ Bridge sets the fees it charges Regions and Clubs to issue Masterpoints and may amend these fees from time to time on giving 3 months’ notice in writing. 

The fee structure (+ GST where applicable) is as follows.

  • Club Sessions: 30c per participating Player for pairs or $0.0125 (1.25 cents) per board, per participating Player
  • Tournament Sessions: $1 per participating Player per Session for pairs or $0.04 (4 cents) per board, per participating Player
  • A Points: $1 per A Point awarded. per participating Player. Fractional A points are charged as a fraction of the $1. eg .48 A points for a match win = a charge of $0.48

MASTERPOINT Section of the Manual

This Section was updated April 2018 to reflect the changes made in September 2017 (please disregard Section E in the 2016 version of the Manual)

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