Bridge is becoming increasingly popular among younger players.If you are 25 or under this year, then you are eligible to play in youth tournaments in New Zealand and around the world. This section of our site offers the resources and information you will need.

Criteria for Youth Players

To be eligible to compete in a Youth event a player must, at the most, have their 25th birthday in the calendar year in question, e.g. for 2018, be born in 1993 or later.

How to Register
Ask your club to ensure your year of birth is recorded in the new membership Admin screens. Once this had been done, you will not be charged a levy to NZBridge, as youth players are exempt from such a charge. From now on this will be the Youth Register, as we have real data to find eligible Youth players.

WBF Youth Pages

For more info on the World Bridge Federation Youth Committee and to visit their website      CLICK HERE

Youth Register

This Register will become redundant over time. To view the latest Youth Register CLICK HERE


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