The Inter-Provincials (affectionally known as the "IPs")
This is one of the premier events on the NZ Bridge calendar, which pits Region versus Region. Parochialism and bridge passion unites teams of all grades.  Everyone will be striving to play their best for their province. 

Each grade has their own unique competition and their placings also means points towards the Dougal McLean Trophy (see below) for the top Region.

The 2017 event is in Wellington on the 24th to 26th November.  Good luck everyone
There will be regular updates and be happenings on the NZB Facebook and this website, so keep watching.


If you are interested in the players' system cards, click on the grade below. 
This will take you to the Dropbox folder where these cards are being held.

2017 Inter-Provincial Teams

Auckland- Northland   Auckland- Northland
Susan Humphries- Steph Jacob   Warren Cardno - Steve Meeking
Jeter Liu- John Wang   Prem Soundra- Hafizur Khan

Waikato Bays   Waikato Bays
Tom Henwood - Tom Winiata   Brian Gallaher - Brian Sullivan
Bruce Inglis - Linley Hay   Bren Birss - Pamela Pedersen

Central Districts   Central Districts
Wayne Burrows - George Masters   Henny French - Diane Pye
Steve Baron - Les Gould   Doris Chapman - Humphrey Symons

Wellington   Wellington
Kate Davies - John Patterson   Jeffry Craanen - Elaine Richardson
Anthony Ker - Alan Grant   David Don - Jim Brough

Top of The South   Top of The South
Steve Gray - Lindsey Guy   Pam Whitehead - Stuart Grant
Ed Roggeveen - Chris Marshall   Wayne Smith - Val Munday

Canterbury   Canterbury
Fiona Temple - John Kruiniger   Jack Lyon - Ken Johns
Pavla Fenwick - Max Morrison   Madge Baker - Joan Hazlehurst

Otago-Southland   Otago-Southland
Murat Genc - Arleen Schwartz   Tim Webb - Grant Walker
Robert Cowan - John Sheehy   Bill Armstrong - Elspeth Mitchell

Auckland- Northland   Auckland- Northland
Andi Boughey - Carol Richardson   Bev and Allan Morris
Linda Cartner - Glenis Palmer   Jo Clark - Russell Watt

Waikato Bays   Waikato Bays
Kate Terry - Judy Pawson   Tony Hacking - Pat Rutherford
Christine and Jenna Gibbons   Rachelle Pelkman - Murray Wood

Central Districts   Central Districts
Sarah Green - Lyn Muller   Mairi Fitzsimons - Alister Buchanan
Cecile Gyde - Lynne Feather   Alan Doddridge - Jenny Wilson

Wellington   Wellington
Annette Henry - Anna Herries   Lynda Rigler - Peter Delahunty
Mindy Wu- Sandra Coleman   Pat D'Arcy - Peter Benham

Top of The South   Top of The South
Sheila Beggs - Carol Minchin   Maurice Carter - Tony Oberdries
Vicky Russell - Jane Worthington   Ray Curnow - Phil Rutherford

Canterbury   Canterbury
Laura Stephen - Jane Lennon   Judith Driver - Jan Roose
Shirley Newton - Jenny Wilkinson   Paula Gregory - Michael Johnstone

Otago-Southland   Otago-Southland
Marilyn Jackson - Anne McGregor   Kevin Farnden - Wyn Jones
Kristen Collins - Donna Ruwhiu                               Harry Shepherd - Tony Winters

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The IP Trophies

IP Trophies.jpg

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