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Entering a tournament on this website

We hope more and more clubs will use this online entry process which was introduced in September 2017. It utilises the Tournament schedule, to avoid duplication and errors.

How to enter. Read the instructions below or scroll down to view the videos

  1. Click on the Tournament Tab.
  2. Find the event you wish to enter.  You can only enter events that have a red ENTER HERE icon. If this icon is missing, the host club has not turned this facility on
  3. Click on ENTER HERE
  4. In the Tournament entry window, your contact details will display along with your computer number.  Your Name will appear as Player 1 by default.
  5. Enter your partner in the Player 2 field (it is best to search using a computer number). Wait until the player name/s appear in the drop-down list. You must then click on the name of the player in the drop-down list that you wish to enter.  This will place their details in the Player 2 field. For Teams, repeat the process. NB: Even if there is only one name appearing in the drop-down list, you still must click on the name.
    NB: Even if there is only one name appearing in the list, you still must click on it.
  6. If you wish to read more about the event first, click on the event to open a window with the details added by the host club.  You can then enter the event from this window also.

Please Note: You can enter other partnerships on their behalf, but you will become the owner of that entry for future editing etc.  It is best to encourage players to do their own entry, but if you are doing it, be sure to click on REMOVE to take your name out of the Player 1 field.

How to remove or edit An entry

NB: The person who made the entry is the only one who can edit it

  1. Go to your MY NZB tab
  2. Scroll down to view the events you have entered under the heading EVENT ENTRIES
  3. Click on the Edit icon for the event you wish to change
  4. Once in the Edit page, you can remove and/or add a player, or Delete the entire entry
  5. If there is no EDIT beside the event you are listed for, someone else placed the entry for you. To change this entry, make a request to the Administrator for the host club or ask the person who placed the entry, to change it.  Please do not request the Secretary of NZB to make these changes.

Benefits of using this process:

  1. Over time, as more clubs use this online entry service, it will be a one port of call, rather than having to try and find how to enter tournaments in several different places.
  2. Players will see all events they have entered under the "MY NZB" Tab
  3. The owner of the entry can amend or delete an entry within the MY NZB page
  4. Clubs can download an excel file of the entries. This includes the player data such as Rank, Grade and Rating Points
  5. Clubs can monitor numbers and entry details via their Club Admin page

These instructions are also under the Tournament Tab

Quote for the Day: "Old ways will not open new doors"

Attached is a PDF of the above instructions

  1. pdf Instructions for tournament entries.pdf (0.36MB)

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