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Welcome to the updated New Zealand Bridge website:  you should notice a few improvements. 

If you register once1 on the My NZB page using your NZB Computer number your Masterpoints will appear automatically each time you visit the site. Once registered you’ll automatically see your progress on the Home page. To see your detail and history (or someone else's) click on the View all results button on the middle of the Home page, or click the Masterpoints menu on top right.

On the My NZB page if you are arriving FOR THE FIRST TIME you need to enter your NZB Computer Number on the right hand side of the screen:  then your name should pop up automatically on and you can add the other details requested. And click the "Remember me" box so that you don't have to re-type your details each time you  log in. If you have not registered please do not enter your email and password since the system will reject you if you have not previously registered.


You can expect new facilities for clubs and players during this year. The new site should give you much better information including:

  • Clubs, their addresses, telephone numbers and website (including results) and maps for the entire country
  • Usable on computers, telephones and tablets
  • Tournaments
  • New Forums from the My NZB page where you can give your feedback and ideas (after you have registered and are logged in)

A few people have asked why we bothered to introduce passwords.  

We have received queries about some situations.

Couples who share an email.  This applies to under 1% of the general population and under1.6% of the bridge world:  both figures are falling.  NZB has chosen to use a software package rather than commission and develop bespoke expensive software. It is standard internet practice to expect a unique email address for each person. The workarounds are:

- only register one person and look up the other person's progress via the Masterpoints menu
- open a free email account such as gmail
- use a work or another email if you have one

On registering the system asks me for my password, which I do not know.  If registering you are telling NZB what you want your password to be: if you are registering you do NOT already have a password and therefore the system does not know it and cannot send you an email message as a reminder.

Password reminder:  if you have not registered using your NZB computer number, there isnt any point is clicking "Password reminder"  since the system only recognises you AFTER you have registered.

Note 1:  For those of you with multiple devices like telephones and tablets, you'll need to LOG IN with your user name and password on the second and subsequent devices. 
Note 2:  You can view other people's results from the Masterpoints menu (nothing has changed on searching and viewing Masterpoints)

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