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News of tournaments in Winton, Taieri and Invercargill and of a tough to play hand from Invercargill. On some hands, the key to success is drawing trumps quickly. On others, you must not. Which is this to be?

The Winton Club held their 5A Open tournament on July 22nd. The catering is always excellent. Ray Crowe and Jen White combined well to win the two session event comfortably. Jen has improved her bridge greatly of late, resulting in her first Open win: well done.

Sisters victorious at Taieri

Noeline Eason and Vivienne Clifford-Marsh made their trip to Mosgiel worthwhile on July 29th. With 16 tables in play, they managed a tight win over local players Donna Ruwhiu and Kristen Collins.  Noeline and Vivienne must have been on the same page. Being sisters must help as well as being Sandra Russell’s younger siblings. Contestants bring their own lunch which helps keep the costs down.

A Slam from Invercargill

There were some big hands in the Invercargill Open Pairs on August 26th. 7Heart-small was there to be bid and made on the following:

Board 8
West Deals
None Vul
A Q 10 9 8 3
Q 6 2
A 9 2
10 9
Q J 10 5 3
Q J 10 9 8 2
W   E
K J 7 6 5 4
8 3
K 7 6 5
A K J 7 5 4
K 8 7 6
A 3


4 pairs managed to bid 6Heart-small with only one successful in making 12 tricks. One pair however did make all 13 tricks to secure most of the match points. Unfortunately, one N/S pair ended up in 4Spade-small X two down, while most pairs settled in 4Heart-small making 11 tricks.

In the play most declarers failed to play 2 rounds of trumps before finding out about the spade position. This results in the opposition getting 2 ruffs in after a diamond lead. Ouch!

Played correctly, declarer takes 2 rounds of trumps on winning the opening lead. Then on discovering the spade position, play a double ruffing finesse with two entries to enjoy the long spades.  This would have been a great hand for the world champs to test themselves out on in France, especially when E/W contests the auction.

“I would never have bid the grand without the Spade-small98” North was heard to say.

Stewart and Pam Strang from Gore enjoyed their day together, coming first.  Debbie Cooper and Tony Winters finished a close second. A hearty meal was provided between sessions.

Finally Anne Somerville, as well as being the Invercargill club President, is running advanced learner classes. This is a great way to improve your bridge. Topics covered include leads and defence.

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