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Website change over happening 5th Sept

We wish to advise that this website will be completely unavailable next Tuesday the 5th September, as this is when we are changing over to the new platform.  We anticipate it will be only for the day, but will advise if any different.

We are looking forward to being able to automate some processes and provide clubs and players with more information.  

What will be happening ?

Changes for Clubs:

  1. Clubs can amend their membership online as and when they happen
  2. Club Masterpoints will automatically update online
  3. Levy and Masterpoints invoices will be calculated and sent to clubs automatically
  4. Quick and easy access to the club's current membership 

Clubs have been advised of what the changes mean to them.

Changes for Congress:

There will be some improved features for the Congress Admin team that will not be overly visible to players, but are a a step up from what we have now.  Some of these are around entries and managing entries.

Changes for players:

  1. A better search function of players and Masterpoints: Not only can you search a player, but you can add a date range in that search.  You will also be able to search by Grade, Rank, Club or Region
  2. You can search results from any club.  Because we are automatically processing Masterpoints from all clubs and collecting results, we can display these results on the NZB website.  They will only be a high-level result showing placings and %
  3. The Masterpoint tables have been improved to allocate a fairer portion of masterpoints no matter how many pairs or teams are in the event.  The awards will be applied more consistently without deviating too greatly from the current tables. These changes will be published very shortly.
  4. Instant updates of Masterpoints from tournaments and club sessions.

Changes for NZB:

  1. Reduction of manual tasks
  2. Improved data and easier access to information
  3. The ability to do smarter reporting for clubs and NZB
  4. The ability to provide a National handicap system in the future

We are sure you will enjoy the changes to come.

Karen Martelletti

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