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A Lighter Look


Well, whenever the “day” for Precision is, the following deal which even those present at the recent Tauranga Congress will struggle to remember, was not the one for the Precision system or its disciple, Ian Moore. Take a look at all four hands with Ian the occupier of the best hand at the table, South.

South Deals
E-W Vul
J 7
Q J 5 4
9 8 6 4 2
9 3
A K 10 9 2
10 8 7 3
A 10 3
W   E
6 4
K 9 2
Q 7
Q J 10 8 5 2
Q 8 5 3
A 6
K J 5
A K 6 4


Saving South

Any South playing a strong no trump will open with one and will either play there or West will save them from going minus by showing the majors, probably a losing option. Against 1NT, West should lead a top spade with the defence trapping South in hand, confining South to one trick in each of three suits and two in clubs. A slip could even see South slither home with access to a red suit in dummy.

Not Ian. He took the slow and rather painful route to 1NT.

West              North                        East                South

                                                                                   1Club-small (16+ any shape)

x                      Pass                          Pass                1NT

All Pass

Murray Wood’s double is common-place defence to the Precision 1Club-small, showing both majors. With North having nothing to say (maybe Ian’s wife, Pam, had something to say afterwards!), Rachelle Pelkman (East) could see nothing better than defending 1Club-smallx. Ian retreated to the “safety” of 1NT.

Keeping partner happy

The ball-game had changed. Murray Wood could now see a much better lead than his top spade as his partner had shown a great liking for clubs. So, his singleton club, but not to draw trumps or get a ruff (he did remember the contract!) but to make Rachelle very happy. partner happy.png

 Ian ducked the opening trick but Rachelle was on a mission and continued with a second high club. Ian won and decided to exit safely to the hand which had shown the majors. So Heart-smallA was followed by a second heart but to his surprise and horror, it was Rachelle who won the king!

A bad day at the office was about to get worse. Another club forced out the king with Ian exiting the Diamond-smallJ, again won by Rachelle who still had three clubs to cash. Ian had to find two discards and it mattered not whether he threw two diamonds or two spades or one of each. The defence took the rest of the tricks…. Down 4! A "dog" of a deal!

The Silver Lining

It’s time for the good news. Ian was neither doubled nor despite his feelings, vulnerable. Nevertheless, not a great day for the Precision Club. And we play this game for pleasure. Ian certainly does. Thanks, Ian, for reliving the moment.

Richard Solomon



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