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 "I Love playing Bridge with People"

So says one of our youngest Bridge players. Introducing 8 year old Ollie Benton. Ollie's story is told here by Regional Bridge Mate for Otago-Southland, Susannah Pinckney:

Stayman from the start
"Self-taught and 8 years old, Ollie Benton delighted and surprised senior players at Winton Bridge Club playing his first hand of bridge with a human! His partner opened 1NT and after studying his hand, Ollie bid 2Club-small causing adults eyebrows to lift ever so slightly but when Ollie then announced it was Stayman, all mouths promptly dropped open!
We are all amazed at Ollie’s talent and calm confidence.
Ollie plays SkyBridge on his ipad, learning by watching his grandmother. Ollie likes bidding best and prefers playing Trumps. Ollie has discovered all the hints on SkyBridge but he really wants to play with people.

  He attends Wallacetown Primary School in Class 3 and enjoys Maths and Handwriting. Ollie likes running and plays badminton and his favourite activity at school is "Golden Time". This is time awarded for good work and behaviour when students can choose an activity such as swimming, cycling or playing on a scooter, craft or playing on Ipads. We wish him every success and look forward to being part of Ollie’s Bridge."

Who knows but maybe sometime soon, Bridge might be a "Golden Time" activity. If so, we know who will be the first to choose it.
Richard Solomon


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