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Top of The South News with Jenny Pomeroy

Things are beginning to hot up on the Tournament front, with a few under our belts.

 The Nelson Open Teams on 10th March was well subscribed with 26 teams from across the region.  Winners on the day were the Westport quartet of Glenys Tyler, Wendy Coburn, Jo Gear and Robyn Callaghan.  A fabulous result, for all, and particularly Robyn who is a Junior.  The team were also in Hearts, a grade they just scrapped into.  They also became media stars with a well deserved article in the Westport Paper. Well done ladies.  The other place getters were:


1. Brian Field, Martin Thompson, Justine Thompson, Diana Whitten

2. Joan Heaphy, David Lloyd, Penelope Lloyd and Kay Cotton


1.Steve Gray, Sheila Beggs, Lindsey Guy and Pamela Dravitzki

2.Sita Monaghan, Tony Hinkley, Jane Worthington & Vicki Russell

3. Marg Scott, Robin Young, Carolyn Wood & Jane Jordan


1. Wendy Coburn, Robyn Callaghan, Jo Gear & Glenys Tyler

2. Helen Robinson, Beth Burdett, Jenny Cooper & Jenny Pomeroy

3. Ray Cannell, Jana Bott, Kevin Hill, Wayne McCoy


TOTSMay 1.jpg        Tots may 8.jpg

      Brian Field, Martin and Justine Thompson,   Ray Cannell, Jana Bott, Kevin Hill, Wayne McCoy

    Diana Whitten


tots may 9.jpg                                                   Tots may 7.jpg

  Marg Scott, Robin Young, Carolyn Wood & Jane Jordan                    Sita Monaghan, Tony Hinkley, Jane Worthington
a great day for Marg Scott who won the name tag raffle, a raffle prize  and Vicki Russell, second in Spades
and here she is again with her team mates coming 3rd in spades)

The Picton Juniors on 24 March was well subscribed with 12.5 tables. Barbara Liebezeit and Lesley Rogers were victorious putting them in pole position on the Junior Championship League.  Mary Smart and Helen Crowder were 2nd and Shirley and Ron Hebberd 3rd.


Nelson Womens Pairs

Always popular and I hope not too much of a challenge for the director with 102 women to oversee.  Yes 25.5 tables – great turnout.  Imagine if it had been mixed! This year won by Anne Baker (Marlborough)  and Diana Warring (Ashburton), who were in the Diamond Grade, so well above their ranking.   Lindsey Guy and Pamela Dravitzki won the Spade grade and were second overall.  Third place went to the Hearts winners, Kathy Mardon & Helen Jones.  Raffle prizes were home baking which is always popular.

tots may 10.jpg                                            tots may 11.jpg                                   
Diana Warring and Anne Baker, Nelson winners                        Picton winner, Barbara Liebezeit

Marlborough Teams and Pairs (14th and 15th April)

Winners of the teams were Mindy Wu, Kate Davies, John Patterson and Barbara Fechney. Tony Oberdries, Maurice Carter, Neal Phillips and Adrian Abraham finished 2nd and Sita Monaghan, Sally Moore, Vicki Russell and Jane Worthington 3rd.  And Kate and Mindy were also top in the Pairs, with Steve and Lindsey 2nd and Neil and Adrian 3rd.

Some of us went a little off piste in mid March heading down to the South Canterbury Congress at Timaru.  Dot Rapley  an ex TOTS player and now Timaru member hosted 5 of us (her husband had the good sense to go away to play golf for the weekend!)  A successful Saturday all round, particularly for the Open Team of Dot, Michelle Wintour, Chris Turner and Ian Brash who came 4th and not too shabby and effort either for the Intermediates of Gordon McCormick, Sally Croy, Jenny Cooper and Jenny Pomeroy.   We probably all peaked on Saturday, but nonetheless had an enjoyable day on Sunday.  Beautiful drive back on the inland road – a first for me!

tots may 12.jpg

 Chris Turner,Sally Croy, Dot Rapley,Jenny Cooper,Michelle Wintour,Ian Brash,Gordon McCormick
and Jenny Pomeroy

The Guy Gray household continues in their bid to encourage, share, teach and inject their energy into TOTS players. Steve has been hosting Nesting Pairs in Richmond on the Sunday evenings.  It has been well supported and enjoyed.  Richmond’s TV purchase has already come into its own!  And Lindsey has been running a series of improvers’ lessons in Nelson Club.  Both run with their usual dose of patience and enthusiasm.

The Richmond Club are delighted that club stalwart Collette Benfield had her continual significant but quiet contribution to the club, recognised as April’s NZ Bridge volunteer of the month.  There was a lovely presentation for Collette and enjoyable afternoon tea for all on 19 April.  Thanks Collette and all the others that make our bridge clubs run so smoothly.

Lots to keep us busy over the next little while with more of the nesting pairs, IP Trials, Junior and Intermediate Interclub……..





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