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New Zealand at the Yeh Bros event, Day 2.


Choose whichever team you wish, the Japanese football team or the New Zealand Bridge team..and they are both suffering from last kick/last board disappointment. Japan were seconds away from extra- time and a chance of possible glory. The New Zealand Bridge team were just about in the top 15 with one board to go but 7 imps out on that last board saw them drop to 19th. Day 2 scores for New Zealand were:



Imp difference

New Zealand vps


Jinshuo Club




Yeh Bros








Beijing Evertrust




Chinese Taipei




New Zealand started the day in 22nd place, 8 vps behind 15th, the last qualifying position. The first match of the day did not help but then two good wins put them back in contention, just 0.8 of a vp behind the 15th placed team, their opponents in Round 9. There were 26 imps at stake depending on the opening lead to an aggressive 6Spade-small bid by Whibley- Brown.

Board 21
North Deals
N-S Vul
A 7 5 4
A 8 2
A K 10 9 7
Q 10 7
J 6 5 3
A 10 8 7 3
W   E
10 6
K J 9 6 4
Q 8
K Q 5 2
K Q J 9 8 2
5 3
4 2
9 6 4


Fortune did not favour the brave when Matthew Brown declared 6Spade-small as South. On any lead but a heart, Matthew has the entries to dummy to set up the 5th diamond for a heart discard. Even on a heart lead, he would have prevailed had the Spade-small10 been singleton or the diamond break 3-3. Unfortunately for Matthew, there was no good news and 13 imps went to his opponents who played game.

The final match against Chinese Taipei started really well for New Zealand with both North-South pairs being doubled in their game contracts but only one being successful:

Board 1
North Deals
None Vul
J 9 7 6 4
J 9 4
A K 10 5
K 10 5
A K 10 8 3 2
Q 10 5
W   E
8 2
Q 7 6
7 4
A K 8 7 4 2
A Q 3
Q J 9 6 3 2
J 6 3


The Taiwanese pair found their best fit, diamonds, but there was one loser in each of the three side-suits, down 1. Michael Whibley, North, was declarer in 4Spade-smallx. The contract can be beaten by a diamond lead with West scoring a diamond ruff and Spade-smallK to go with a heart and club trick or if the defence lead two rounds of hearts and then a third heart when West is in with the Spade-smallK….again two trumps for West. However, neither of these defences were found with +590 earning New Zealand 12 imps.

In a low scoring match, there were no major swings for the next 8 boards. With one board to play, New Zealand, who had just made 1NT at both tables, led 20 – 6. Along came Board 10:

Board 10
East Deals
Both Vul
4 3
Q 10
Q J 10 8 7 4 3
10 4
Q 7 6 5
7 4
A 9 2
K Q J 7
W   E
J 8
K J 9 8 6 5 2
K 5
8 3
A K 10 9 2
A 3
A 9 6 5 2


Assuming East opens 3Heart-small, it looks like South has a choice of actions, a natural 3Spade-small or show a 2 suited- hand by bidding 4Heart-small. While the Chinese Taipei player bid 3Spade-small and went quietly 2 down (+200), it seems Matt Brown chose the more aggressive route which led Michael Whibley to play his own suit, which was also 2 down…but West inserted a fateful double…and those 7 imps out took New Zealand out of the top 15 .5Diamond-small would have chances of making had East led their own suit...but it seems they did not. To qualify, New Zealand had to gain imps on that last board. Tieing the board by doubling 3Spade-small would not have been enough.

New Zealand will play in the consolation Swiss Teams event, an 8 round by 10 board round event, contested by non-qualifiers and those eliminated from the knock-out stages of the main event. Football offers no such consolation to the Japanese.

Richard Solomon




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