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Top of The South News with Jenny Pomeroy

Tournaments abound at this time of year and over recent weeks we have had two of the bigger ones.  Picton hosted the South Island Pairs on 7th July and most recently, Sunday 12th August, Richmond Club hosted the Howorth Cup, Top of the South’s Interclub. (The South Island Pairs was covered by a special report on this website.)

The Howorth Cup has been on the go in one form or another since 1956, when Mickey Howorth, a member of the Victoria League of Marlborough Bridge Club, donated the cup for an inter-club competition in the Seddon Shield Districts.   All nine clubs in Top of the South entered this year; it was a delight to have the recently affiliated Greymouth Club on board.  Competition was tough, with little in the top placings throughout the day. 

howorth cup winners 18 nelson.jpg

 Congratulations to the Nelson Teams of Adrian Abraham, Susan Hinkley, Carol Minchin, Rebecca Osborne, Sita Monaghan, Tony Hinkley, Lindsey Guy and Steve Gray on winning the 2018 Howorth Cup, with Westport 2nd and Richmond 3rd

Richmond’s Hello World Swiss Pairs took place the day before.  Full house with 48 pairs.  Swiss Pairs is always a popular format and the travellers enjoyed making a weekend of it.  Congrats to:

1st          Carolyn Wood & Robin Young                (1st overall) 
2nd         Maurice Carter & Tony Oberdries          (2nd overall)
3rd          Steve Gray & Lindsey Guy                    (3rd overall)

1st          Chris Marshall & Lynn Callaghan           (4th overall)
2nd          Ruth Allison & Steve Aitken                   (6th overall)
3rd           Linda Dow & Raewyn Taylor

Lindsey Guy and Steve Gray 2018.jpg  Chris Marshall and Lynn Callaghan.jpg          Jenny Pomeroy and Jenny Cooper.jpg
Lindsey Guy and "electric" player,            Chris Marshall and Lynn Callaghan   Jenny Pomeroy and Jenny Cooper, 1st in
Steve Gray, 3rd in Spades.                        winners of Hearts Grade                  Diamonds Grade

1st           Jenny Cooper & Jenny Pomeroy                          (5th overall)
2nd         Ann Shearer & Helen Barker
3rd          Margaret Marshall & Lesley Pincombe

1st          Sue Glue & Michelle Gunn
2nd          Valerie & Mike Fitzsimons
3rd          Cliff Jones & Margaret Waterman

                      Top in Clubs

Sue Glue and Michelle Gunn TOTS 18.jpg   Valerie and Mike Fitzsimons 2018 TOTS.jpg   Cliff Jones and Margaret Waterman 2018 TOTS.jpg
Michelle Gunn and Sue Glue                   Mike and Valerie Fitzsimons     Cliff Jones and Margaret Waterman

Special thanks to Ed Roggeveen for his superb and calm directing of the whole weekend, the Richmond Club for hosting, the dealers who had a late night on Saturday (Swiss on Saturday, Teams on Sunday = a lot of boards!) and Steve Gray for his tireless contribution, organisation and on this occasion his role as club electrician!

Motueka’s Margaret Tally Open took place in Riwaka School on 30 July, again a great turn out, 46 pairs.  Pam Dravitzki and Kathryn Brookes had a spectacular morning session, 75.82%, which put them as firm favourites.  They delivered, coming second in the Howell section with 59.17% and taking the day as clear winners, 3% ahead of Adrian Abraham and Sheila Beggs.  Congratulations also to Caroline Gatenby and Julia Armstrong who won the Clubs section and were 8th overall.


1 Spades          Pam Dravitzki & Kathryn Brookes      

2 Spades          Adrian Abraham & Sheila Beggs

3 Spades          Ruth Allison & Sita Monaghan


1 Hearts          Tony & Susan Hinkley

2 Hearts          Steve Aitken & Celia McKechnie

3 Hearts          Toby Gordon & Judy Honeybone


1 Diamonds     Mary Hamilton & Vicki Adnams

2 Diamonds     Jude Edmondson & Suzan van Wijngaarden

3 Diamonds     Anne Cegarra & Mary McCallum


1 Clubs             Caroline Gatenby & Julia Armstrong

2 Clubs             Alex Rutherford & Alan Mulligan

3 Clubs             Barry Simpson & Clive Thomas

pam dravitzki.jpg  Tony and Susan Hinkley.jpg  Mary Hamilton and Vicki Adnams.jpg
Pam Dravitzki and Kathryn Brookes           Tony and Susan Hinkley                         Mary Hamilton and Vicki Adnams
Spades Grade winners                                Top of the Hearts Grade                       They won the Diamond Grade.

Caroline Gatenby.jpg  Alex Rutherford.jpg Barry Simpson.jpg

Caroline Gatenby and Julia Armstrong      Alex Rutherford and Alan Mulligan          Barry Simpson and Clive Thomas

(the three successful pairs in the Clubs Grade.)

20 Pairs battled it out at the Nelson Juniors on 30th June.  Won by Marina Gosnell and Cindy Holden, which was a fitting farewell for Cindy as she & her husband head off to Darwin for 5 years to be closer to family. 

Helen Robinson.jpg
Cindy Holden, Helen Robinson and Marina Gosnell.

and 23rd June Richmond’s NBS Open Tournament.  A smaller turn out on this occasion, which made for a very relaxed day.


Robin Young and Carolyn Wood 

Adrian Abraham and John Penny

Jocelyn Wallace and Freda Herring

Carolyn Wood and Robin Young 18.jpg    Vicky Russell and Jane Worthington  TOTS 18.jpg  Geoff Sutton and Doug Sarkies TOTS 18.jpg
Carolyn Wood and Robin Young                Vicki Russell and Jane Worthington       Geoff Sutton and Doug Sarkies with Lyn
1st in Spades.                                               2nd in Hearts                                        Carrodus. Geoff had the start time wrong. 
                                                                                                                                   Lyn was on hand to fill in.


Ruth Allison & Celia McKechnie

Vicki Russell & Jane Worthington

Wayne Smith & Richard Parkinson

(Wayne’s partner was sick so Richard flew in for the day! Thanks Richard)


Karen Daly & Tad Krogulec

Allan Mulligan & Steve Aitken

Peter Bone & Tom Pyatt

 Peter Bone and Tom Pyatt.jpg                
Peter Bone and Tom Pyatt,3rd in Diamonds

Other News

 Golden Bay are finally in their new club rooms at the Golden Bay Shared Facility, and marked their first night with a fun night which saw a couple of out of towners make the journey over the hill to be part of it. 

 Malcolm McLeod Katrina and Sebastian  3 generations at Motueka 18.jpg
  Three generations at Motueka - Malcolm McLeod, Sebastian and Katrina Mataric, along with Maxine Carrington.

Motueka for the first time ever have three generations of one family playing – Malcolm Macleod and daughter Katrina Mataric and grandson Sebastian Mataric.Last year father and daughter Malcolm and Katrina took out the club’s Junior Championship.

 Ewan Johnstone  90   Richmond 18.jpg
  Ewan Johnstone, celebrating 90 years.

 Richmond’s Ewan Johnstone celebrated his 90th birthday at the club on 21st June.  His daughters put on a lovely afternoon tea for us all.  And the top spots are being fiercely contested in both the Junior and Intermediate Champ League tables, with Marlborough’s Ron and Shirley Hebberd 1 point ahead of Nelson’s Barbara Liebezeit in the Junior League and Westport’s Wayne Smith on 40, 5 points ahead of Nelson’s Steve Aitken in the Intermediate.




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