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From time to time, quite a few of my friends at the club express surprise that I have another sister who plays at the Christchurch Club. And it was to my surprise that Madelaine Green and Rodney Green presented themselves at the club recently, and acquitted themselves reasonably well for their first tournament at our club. They were part of a sizeable throng who played in the sixes tournament held here in mid-August

            I had been in Asia for over a month, and when I arrived back many in the club were talking about this new type of tournament for our region. It had attracted 18 teams of six players, two each from Senior, Intermediate and Junior.        

The Christchurch Sixes Tournament  by John Skipper

Canterbury 6s 1.jpg

Winners of the Teams Event      Royal Flushes :-

(back) Roger Armstrong, Kathryn Tennant ,Mary Carnegie, Jane Lennon,

(front) Tony Quinlivan, Robyn Sutcliffe

The old saying is that if you keep doing the same old things you will get the same old results. In this case tournaments are poorly attended, and we keep offering the same format again and again. Hence this year we decided to do something different. Inspired by the Cambridge Bridge Club, who have now run their Sixes event six times, we gave it a go.

The format is that pairs, based on national ranking, form a team of six: Open Intermediate and Junior. We got 18 teams, which means 27 tables of players, nine tables in each section which is tremendous.

The bridge was run as short matches of eight boards, with Open versus Open, Intermediate versus Intermediate and Junior versus Junior pairs, in three separate Swiss ladder events. There were winners in each flight.

The main prizes though were for the overall winners, the team that finished sixth and the best dressed team. There was an additional prize for the winners of the trivial pursuits challenge and several spot prizes. To cap it all off we had a fabulous lunch.

Almost everyone dressed up for the occasion. Everyone joined in the spirit of the day, with a light-hearted atmosphere and a sense this was a worthwhile initiative.

I would like to thank John Hay who provided substantial sponsorship for this event.

Canterbury 6s  2.jpg

ROUGE ET NOIR had their share of success :-

John McKenzie, Alistair James, Anna Crighton, Tracey Bruce, Michael Hume, Chris Bras

When we advertise this event next year, please give it a try. Who knows this could be our biggest tournament ever.





1st Michael Hume – Chris Bras


1st Roger Armstrong- Tony Quinlivan


2nd Tina McVeigh – Jenny Wilkinson


2nd Carole Anderson – Ian Beattie


3rd Trish Scott – Naomi Hannah-Brown


3rd Lex Franklin – Kathy Hamilton





1st Paul Fergus- Sheila Thompson


2nd Valerie Hobbs – Lester Foulds


3rd Jo Hampton – Kate Harris


4th Mike Bunce – Jean Rath



 Canterbury 6s 3.jpg

Derek Frapwell joined this team because they seemed to be having a lot of fun:-

Jo Sharp, Amber Newton, Margaret Burgess, Shirley Newton, Catherine Lods,  Jan Thayer.






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