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   no money for Marina! Read on....

Top of the South is now in its 9th year, and has grown up!  No longer a TOT but TOPS. 

Those important Club Committees.

There have been a couple of AGMs in the last few weeks.  Simon Langford continues are President of Golden Bay Club, with Eleanor Bradshaw Vice President (VP), Jean Beatson, Treasurer and Jude Edmondson Secretary.  Jean Wedderburn, Deirdre Perreau and Pam Wood make up the committee.

And in Nelson, Susan Hinkley is the new President; Sally Croy VP, Adrian Abraham Treasurer and Louella Baker Secretary.  Gary Chalmers, Elizabeth Dooley, Marina Gosnell, Lindsey Guy, Derek Milligan and Pamela Smith make up their committee. Good on all of those for putting their hands up.  The clubs can’t function without you.  It’s great to see some new faces on both committees.

The Motueka /Golden Bay Challenge took place on the last weekend where the two clubs battle for the Margaret Cederman Trophy.  Normally there are two rounds, one in Motueka and one in Golden Bay.  Cyclone Gita put paid to that for 2018.  Earlier in the year the rest of New Zealand was cut off from Golden Bay when Cyclone Gita wrecked havoc across the region, including significant damage to the Takaka Hill, closing it for a while.  So for this year it all came down to the one day, and while Motueka may have shone on the day, Golden Bay did have the opportunity to show off their new clubrooms.  Congratulations Motueka.

The Nelson Intermediate Pairs took place on Saturday 19th August.  Fantastic turnout, with 20 tables.  The winners were local pair Helen Barker and John Mitchell; Kathy Mardon and Allan Mulligan were second and Wayne Smith and Stuart Grant getting in a bit more practice before the IPs were third.  Congratulations.  Special mention to Marina Gosnell and her partner Evelyn Muncaster who won the Diamonds section and came 4th overall.   It was clearly the result that mattered rather than the prize for Marina, as she was still smiling despite their reward being an empty envelope! (see the photo above) It was sorted!

                                SPADES   WINNERS

Helen Barker and John Mitchell, Nelson.jpeg    Alan Mulligan and Kathy Mardon Nelson.jpeg   Wayne Smith and Stuart Grant.jpeg

            1st                                                 2nd                                          3rd 
Helen Barker and John Mitchell   Allan Mulligan and Kathy Mardon   Wayne Smith and Stuart Grant

                                 HEARTS WINNERS

Alan Toker and Derek Milligan Nelson.jpeg  Kerry Roberts and Gill Webby Nelson.jpeg  Vicky Adnams and Mary Hamilton, Nelson.jpeg
         1st                                                    2nd                                                          3rd
  Alan Toker and Derek Milligan   Kerry Roberts and Gill Webby                Vicky Adnams and Mary Hamilton

                           DIAMOND WINNERS

Marina Gosnell and Evelyn Muncaster , Nelson.jpeg Kay Cotton and Joan Heaphy, Nelson.jpeg Julius Mulligan and Tom Pyatt.jpeg
                1st                                                            2nd                                                          3rd
  Marina Gosnell and Evelyn Muncaster     Kay Cotton and Joan Heaphy               Julius Mulligan and Tom Pyatt
                                                                  (with Alan Toker)

A good day for the Mulligan brothers, Allan and Julius,  as well.

Those results see Wayne Smith with a clear lead in the Intermediate Champions League with 46 points, 7 ahead of Nelson’s Steve Aitken and 13 ahead of his IP partner Stuart Grant.  It is much closer in the Junior League, Marlborough’s Hebberds, Ron and Shirley clinging on to their lead with 25 points, and Nelson’s Barbara Liebezeit hot on their heels with 24.

Nelson Swiss Pairs

Nelson has just finished a hugely successful and enjoyable Swiss Pairs series held over the last 3 weeks.  We’ve had 24 tables, both Monday and Tuesday night players mixing it up.  The atmosphere in the room has been buoyant and fun.  It’s the first shot at Swiss Pairs for many of the Monday night players and they did their fair share of hovering around tables 1 – 5.  Huge thanks to Lindsey Guy for organising, Steve Gray for scoring, Jo Price for directing, her husband Alan for running round after us and the dealers.  It has been a stand out success.  Brilliant. 

TOPS Swiss Winners Nelson.jpg                      TOTS  Monday winner Nelson.jpg
Overall Swiss Pairs winners at Nelson were                 Monday night winners were Lyn Carradous
 Bevan Russell and Kathryn Brookes, surrounding      and Evelyn Muncaster. Here is Evelyn with Club
Nelson President, Susan Hinkley.                                 President, Susan Hinkley.



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