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A Little Can Go a Long Way.

That’s the only conclusion one can draw from the following board, played recently at one of our bridge clubs. You may have bid and made game on a combined 18 count, perhaps 14 or 15 but on this night, the hardest of games to make, the game which needs usually the highest number of high card point counts, 5 of a minor, was not only bid but made with just a combined 11 high card points. Not just that but two of those 11 were unnecessary!

North Deals
None Vul
9 5 4 3
J 8 7 6 3 2
A 2
K Q 10 9 8 4
A K 8 7
9 5
W   E
A 6 2
Q J 10 6 2
K Q 8 4
7 5 3
A 10 9 5 4
J 10 7 6 3
West North East South
  2  2  4 
4  5  All pass  


North’s Weak 2 opening was followed by a perfectly reasonable overcall from East. South might have gone directly to 5Diamond-small which would have put pressure on West to compete to the 5 level.

However, North, rather naughtily, bid his meagre hand twice with neither East nor West feeling that they should risk the 5 level. Having decided not to compete, East and West did rather well not to double the final contract. They did have a combined 29 count, after all!

There was nothing the defence could do to score more than one trick in each black suit.

While there is no guarantee that bidding 5Heart-small is correct, West’s long strongish spade suit looks like the key to bidding on to the making 5Heart-small. However, a pretty freakish deal making 11 tricks with nothing more than 2 aces and some scattered jacks.

If ever you wanted a deal to show the value of side-suit voids and singletons, then this is it.

“Points Schmoints” as Marty Bergen said. With a trump fit, it is those side-suit shortages which are so important.

Richard Solomon

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