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Top of The South News with Jenny Pomeroy

Picton had a good turn out for its Junior tournament on 23 March, with 12 tables.  Michelle Gunn and Sue Glue (the Greymouth Glue Gunns) taking top slot, with Richmond’s Val and Mike Fitzsimons in second place.  Chris Marshall was relegated to junior for the day, as he became Lesley Pincombe’s assistant where all things scoring and computers were concerned.  Good on you Lesley for mastering this, and thanks Chris for your support.

picton junior 1.jpg   picton junior 4.jpg
 1st Spades, Michelle Gunn and Sue Glue                              2nd Spades: Mike and Val Fitzsimons 

picton junior 2.jpg  picton junior 6.jpg
1st Hearts: Diane Stuart and Clive Thomas                          2nd Hearts: Ron and Shirley Hebberd     

picton junior 3.jpg   picton junior 5.jpg 
  1st Diamonds: Bruce Murphy and Rod Ensor                     2nd Diamonds: Sue Hutchison and Carolyn Strongman

(all photos with Picton President Clare Welch)

 Women flock to Nelson

The ever-popular Nelson Women’s Tournament followed a couple of weeks later with 23 tables.  Funny how this was our biggest field of our 4 recent tournaments!  A solid performance in both sessions by Nelson’s Rebecca Osborne and Jana Bott led them to first place.  Lovely to see a couple of mother daughter partnerships in the field as well.

 Marlborough Mini Congress

Marlborough’s mini congress took place the following weekend with teams on Saturday and pairs in the Sunday.  Julie Atkinson came south in a bid to keep everyone in order for the weekend. Thanks Julie!  Congrats to Grant ( Alan Grant, Anthony Ker, Jane Lennon and Jan Alabaster) who had a clear win with 81.2VP.  Second were  Patterson  (John Patterson, Kate Davies, Barbara Fechney and Chris Marshall) with 69.13 VP, and third, just by a nose (O.07VP)  Jessep ( Jim Jessep, Maurice Carter, Robyn Freeman-Green and Dale Lacey). 

marl teams 1.jpg      marl teams 4.jpg
1st Spades:Jan Alabaster, Jane Lennon, Anthony Ker      2nd Spades: John Patterson, Barbara Fechney, Chris Marshall
and Alan Grant                                                                  and Kate Davies                                


     marl teams 5.jpg   marl teams 3.jpg 
    1st Hearts:Carolyn Wood, Ginny Warren,                     1st Diamonds:   Peter Grooby, Barbara Gordon,
     Marcia and Robin Young                                                  Martin & Justine Thompson
Second in Hearts were Monaghan followed by Curnow. Runners-up in Diamonds were Gear with Halliday third.

We reconvened on Sunday for the Pairs.  Twenty tables, four grades and some familiar and some new faces on the podium!

Tony Oberdries 19.jpg               marl pairs 1.jpg 
1st Spades: Tony Oberdries and Ed Roggeveen             1st Diamonds: Marge Scott and Chris Henry

Marl Pairs 2.jpg            Marl Pairs 3.jpg 
3rd Diamonds: Julita March and Sue Gibbs  1st Clubs: Kay Buchanan and Thelma Halliday



1 Spades         Tony Oberdries & Ed Roggeveen         1 Hearts   Pam Dravitzki and Sheila Beggs

2 Spades         Alan Grant & Anthony Ker                    2 Hearts   Sally Moore and Sita Monaghan

3 Spades         Jan Alabaster & Jane Lennon              3 Hearts   Phil Rutherford and Ray Curnow


1 Diamonds    Marge Scott & Chris Henry (7th overall)  1 Clubs   Kay Buchanan and Thelma Halliday

2 Diamonds    Glenys Tyler & Wendy Coburn               2 Clubs    Martin and Justine Thompson

3 Diamonds    Julita March & Sue Gibbs                       3 Clubs    Andrew Spence and Viv Murray

 Lindsey and Steve win at Richmond

And finally, Saturday 27th was the Richmond 8B tournament sponsored by Oakwoods Retirement Village.  21.5 tables.  Locals Lindsey Guy and Steve Gray won the day with 59.30, just ahead of Wayne Smith and Adrian Abraham (Westport and Nelson), with Pam Dravitzki and Sheila Beggs in third.  Fabulous performance from Golden Bay’s Suzan van Wijngaarden and Jude Edmondson who were 6th overall, winning the Diamonds section.  Golden Bay continued with its winning streak, Rhoda McDonald and John Pemberton were 13th overall winning the club section.  Great to see the Junior and Intermediate players doing so well.

Lindsey Guy Steve Gray 19.jpg        Wayne Smith Adrian Abraham.jpg
1st Spades: Lindsey Guy and Steve Gray         2nd Spades: Wayne Smith and Adrian Abraham

bEVAN AND vICKI rUSSELL 19.jpg       OAKWOODS 2.jpg  OAKWOODS 3.jpg
1st Hearts Bevan Russell with his daughter  2nd Hearts: Freda Herring and      3rd Hearts: Ginny Warren and Graham
Vicki, club President, as Kathryn Brookes       Jocelyn Wallace                          Westenra
had "shot the gap".

OAKWOODS 4.jpg   OAKWOODS 5.jpg    
1st Diamonds: Suzan van Wijngaarden and                 2nd Diamonds: Peter Grooby and Jan Head
                        Jude Edmonson


OAKWOODS 6.jpg    OAKWOODS 7.jpg
1st Clubs: Rhoda McDonald and John Pemberton   2nd Clubs:Helen and Cliff Jones

In other news….

Lindsey Guy with her usual dose of enthusiasm is running a series of improvers’ lessons at Richmond on Wednesdays and Sundays with a terrific turnout and a good deal of success.  Some of those placings at Oakwoods have been in attendance!

Beginners’ lessons are just starting for many clubs, with some good numbers.  Nelson and Richmond start this week, with Richmond holding theirs at Waimea College through the Adult & Community Education programme.  Greymouth are already underway, and as a bonus, Brian Rowland and John Boyes are taking Hokitika under their wing with 10 beginners there keen to learn.  Motueka kick off next month, building on the success of last year when they had a 100% hit rate – yes all of last years learners are actively playing in the club.

Marlborough held their AGM on 17 April.  Great to see many new faces on their committee.  President Robin Young; VP Bev Gay; Secretary Shirley Culley, Treasurer Diane Horton and Jill Chaney, Sandra McPhee, Maria Rae and Fran Wilkinson making up the committee.

Marlborough’s Ed Roggeveen is working towards becoming a National Director, which is great for both Ed and our region. He has done some fantastic teaching and mentoring of the club directors with sessions in both Marlborough and Westport. Good luck Ed.

And finally

Motueka held a special general meeting on 22 April and unanimously elected Phil Donaldson a life member. He has put so much into Motueka Club over many years in many different roles.  Congratulations and well deserved Phil. 




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