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Inter-Provincial Results

 Seven regions, four grades (Open, Women, Seniors, Intermediate) and plenty of excitement throughout the country over the weekend..a few regret, too. There were a few regrets on this board from the Auckland- Northland heat, too. Could you resist taking action with this hand after your right-hand opponent started the action with 4Spade-small?

Spade-small KQ

Heart-small AT

Diamond-small AJ73

Club-small AK754

 Not a bad 21 count some days. Guess the winning action this day....

Firstly, let's salute the successful partnerships from the weekend:

Auckland-Northland   Auckland-Northland
David Dolbel & Denis Humphries   Takaya Yanagisawa & Sandra Pearce
James Yang & William Wang   Barbara Imlach & Annette Martin

Waikato-Bays   Waikato-Bays
Tom Henwood & Tom Winiata   Ted Cliffin & Barbara McFarlane
Yuzhong Chen & Noel Grigg   Judith Howard & Joanne Swanwick

Central Districts   Central Districts
Arthur Bennett & Mark Noble   Garry Hodge & Laura Griffin
Dennis Apperley & Charles Ker   Cindy Lowndes & Debbie Marcroft

Wellington   Wellington
 Alan Grant & Anthony Ker    Jeremy Morley & Tegan Bennik
 Karl Hayes & Nigel Kearney    Simon Louisson & Mariusz Tumilowicz

Top of The South   Top of The South
Adrian Abraham & Wayne Smith   Kerry Roberts & Gill Webby
Rebecca Osborne & Jana Bott   Ann Baker & Kathy Dowling 

Canterbury   Canterbury
Les Frater & Dave Mikaera   Cath Preen & Anne Marie Paveletich
Jenny Wilkinson & Shirley Newton    Liz Duke & Jenny Shore

Otago-Southland   Otago-Southland
Brad Johnston & Matt Blakeley   Jo Smith & Jeff Elton
Ernie Sutton & Ross Sherwood   Sandy Buzzard & Jen White

Auckland-Northland   Auckland-Northland
Christine Wilson & Fuxia Wen   Barry Palmer & Neil Stuckey
Andi Boughey & Carol Richardson   Mark Lynn & Pru Robertson

Waikato-Bays   Waikato-Bays
Jenna Gibbons & Christine Gibbons   Ella Gray & Michael Neels
Judy Pawson & Kate Terry   Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Central Districts   Central Districts
Anita Thirtle & Maree Cudby    Robyn and Don Nightingale
Sandra Wright & Anshu Prasad    Noel Woodhall & Ken Bateman

Wellington   Wellington
 Anna Herries & Mindy Wu    Pete Benham & Pat D'Arcy
 Anne- Maie Russell & Annette Henry    Johnny Davidson & John Luoni

Top of The South   Top of The South
Sheila Beggs & Pam Dravitzki   Maurice Carter & Jim Jessep
Sita Monaghan & Sally Moore   Steve Gray & Lindsey Guy

Canterbury   Canterbury
Margaret Burgess & Pam Tibble   Jane Skipper & John Skipper
Kay Nicholas & Lesley Andrew   Paula Gregory & Michael Johnstone

Otago-Southland   Otago-Southland
Frances Sheehy & Ann Wood   Wyn Jones & Kevin Farnden
Donna Ruwhiu & Kristen Collins   Philip Hensman & Hamish Ryan


   Chefs De Mission

Auckland-Northland                     Douglas Russell


Central Districts                        Colin Carryer

Wellington                                   Lynda Rigler

Top of The South                       Chris Marshall

Canterbury                                  John Kruiniger

Otago Southland                        Philip Noye



                                                                      Waikato Bays Representatives

 WB Open Team 2019  Toms, Yuzhong  Noel Grigg.jpg   WB Senior Team 2019.jpg   WB Intermediate Team 2019.jpg

Noel Grigg, Tom Winiata,
Tom Henwood and Yuzhong Chen
Michael Neels, Ella Gray,
Julie Sheridan and Karen Martelletti
Ted Cliffin, Barbara McFarlane,
Judith Howard and Joanna Swarbrick 

So, back to our 21 count. The good news is that your partner chips in with a trick in the defence to 4Spade-smallx . (You did double, didn't you?). Oh, if you think that bidding 4NT for the minors would be a winning action, you are correct as long as partner chooses their worse minor!

So, you are, of course, waiting for the "bad news" and that is your hand was worth just two tricks:

Board 15
South Deals
N-S Vul
8 6 5
K 8 5 4 2
Q J 10 6
A 10
A J 7 3
A K 7 5 4
W   E
10 3
Q 9 2
Q 10 9 6
9 8 3 2
J 9 8 7 6 5 4 2
K J 7 4 3

 While really bad heart guessing from South would present the defence with four tricks, 790 was a very common score. That is better for the defence than playing 5Diamond-smallx which costs 800! The best score East-West can achieve (other than an unlikely +100) is conceding 500 in 5Club-smallx. Any West who passed out 4Spade-small deserves never to hold an opening hand again! All that those who conceded -790 can be grateful for is that the opposition did not play the heart game....-990!

                                                                              Auckland- Northland Teams

       Auckland Women 19.jpg                       Auckland Int 19.jpg                     aUCKLAND sENIORS.jpg 

Fuxia Wen, Christine Wilson,
Andi Boughey, Carol Richardson
Annette Martin, Takaya Yanagisawa and Barbara Imlach (Sandra Pearce missing)
Neil Stuckey, Barry Palmer, 
Pru Robertson and Mark Lynn

It was nice to see our top internationals, Michael Whibley and Matthew Brown, play in Auckland where they recorded 12 wins and a draw from 13 x 8 board matches. They go about their business in a very efficient way. Watch them collect 500 from a part-score deal here. Nothing flash but very solid defence:

Board 4
West Deals
Both Vul
Q J 4
Q 10 3
A 4 3 2
10 5 2
7 6 3
A K 6 2
Q 6
Q J 9 7
W   E
9 5 2
9 7
J 10 9 7 5
A 8 4
A K 10 8
J 8 5 4
K 8
K 6 3
West North East South
  Michael Whibley   Matt Brown
1 NT Pass Pass Dbl
Pass Pass 2  Dbl
All pass      

 You can make a penalty double of 1NT a little lighter in the pass-out seat as Matt demonstrated. East retreated to their "safer" haven which drew a negative double from Mathew. Michael's diamonds were sufficiently good to pass that, as we shall see. "Never mind the quality,'tis the length!"

Matt led a high spade with Michael contributing the queen to show the jack. Next came a low spade to the jack and a third spade to the king. Matt switched to a low heart. Declarer won to play Diamond-smallQ to Matt's king. Another heart to dummy's king and another diamond won by Michael's ace. A third heart forced declarer to ruff. Declarer could draw trumps but still add to concede a trick to the Club-smallK and then lost a heart trick as well. ...two down and a very simple 500. 

                                                                                  Central Districts Teams
CD 19 Women   Anita T, Maree Cudby, Sandra Wright, Anshu Prasad.jpg      CD Open Team 19.jpg       CD 19 Intermediates.jpg

Anita Thirtle, Maree Cudby,
Sandra Wright and Anshu Prasad
Arthur Bennett, Mark Noble, 
Dennis Apperley and Charles Ker
Garry Hodge, Laura Griffin, 
Cindy Lowndes and Debbie Marcroft

Richard Solomon

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