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                          A “Ballsy Auction” by Pam Livingston.

The National 15A teams in Nelson on the weekend was a fabulous tournament. Well done to the Nelson Bridge Club and thank you to the sponsor Mathews Eyewear Eyecare.

Sometimes people ask me if I play women’s bridge. Is this a different game from normal bridge? Maybe the queen is higher than the king in that version? Maybe you are allowed one hand in the session when dummy’s cards get a makeover?  I’m not sure.

With that in mind four demure ladies sat down for a match of 14 boards - yes, I was one of the demure ladies(!) playing with Jan Alabaster against Carol Richardson and Andi Boughey.

On the second board of the set I held:

K J 8 7
7 2
A K 8 7 6
K 3


The auction started as follows (I was North):

                            West                    North                 East            South

                                                                                   2Diamond-small                Pass
                             2Heart-small                       x                

  • 2Diamond-small is a multi two showing either a weak two in a major or 20 to 22 balanced
  • 2Heart-small is less than game interest and showing longer spades than hearts or equal length
  • x     is take-out of hearts

Then it got interesting. Opener now redoubled and this was showing a 20-22 balanced hand and hearts! Partner passed, then another pass, and back to me. I had a image in my head of these huge numbers being wracked up like an old-fashioned adding machine! What was the score for 2Heart-smallxx making four? Did I have any alternative but to pass? No I didn’t. I told partner I had a take-out of hearts and she chose to pass.

So here we are in 2Heart-smallxx. This is one of the ballsiest auctions (I think that’s a term from women’s bridge) I have seen in some time and we all just sat there staunch.

Result; down three for a score of 1000 to North- South.

The whole hand:

Board 2
East Deals
N-S Vul
K J 8 7
7 2
A K 8 7 6
K 3
9 4 2
4 3
J 4 3 2
7 6 5 4
W   E
A Q 5
A K 10 5
Q 10 9
A J 9
10 6 3
Q J 9 8 6
Q 10 8 2
West North East South
    2  Pass
2  Dbl Rdbl All pass


Nobody made a comment as the score was recorded and I was so impressed with the other pair as they went on to play very well for the rest of the match.

At the end of the match, the scores were read from the bridge mate to confirm with both sides. As the 1000 was read out, we all just laughed and went on to the other scores. Andi and Carol went on to top the datum for the event with their team finishing second.

By the way, I am of the opinion that multi 2Diamond-small should be a compulsory part of any system. All the best bridge stories come from multi twos!
At another table were 4 "real men" . The auction had its moments too though the end result was much tamer but much more to West's liking. Once again, the Multi 2 got the bidding under way: 
                                                                      West                    North                 East            South

                                                                                                                              2Diamond-small             Pass 
                                                                    Pass                       x                         Pass           2Heart-small
                                                                    Pass                      2Spade-small                     Pass           3Spade-small
                                                                    All Pass
   Result: down 2    +200  to East - West. Maybe when you have nothing, the best action after your partner opens a Multi 2Diamond-smallis to pass...if you have the..... to do so!
 (shh .. no male names allowed)


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