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The Bridge Zone Show - 073

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This week's show includes:


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Christmas Tournaments

Shout out to the winners and runner ups


        Otago Bridge Club

  1.                 Brad Johnston and Glen Coutts
  2.                 Donna Ruwhiu and Kristen Collins


        Palmerston North

  1.                 Charles Ker and Anthony Ker
  2.                 Colin Carryer and Sandra Calvert



  1.                 Ken Yule and Kathy Yule
  2.                 Blair Fisher and Jo Simpson



 Bridge Zone Show 12 Dec 2019 002.jpg

  • We talk about attitude – what you talking about Willis!
  • The book lives on – How the experts win at Bridge   Burt Hall and Lynn Rose-Hall
  • The lad has a tip – are you doubling enough?
  • And we yak about overcalls, Barry’s bets on Nigella and Mereana
  • The good 5 card major in No Trump openings – what about No Trump overcalls?
  • Christmas is coming and the show must go on


 Bridge Zone Show 12 Dec 2019 003.jpg


  • We have a good subject next week to talk to Judge Julie about and a funny penalty to contemplate
  • The Judge makes a ruling on memory aids


Follow this link to enjoy the show




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