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2019 and all that: Friday Questions

Are you looking for a relaxing challenge?

Is there such a thing?

Try this out...some pictorial questions from 2019: mainly 2019. We can promise none of the questions relate to 2020.

Let's see how you go. 5 questions today.... the answers tomorrow...and some more questions each day. Oh, a clue. They all have some connection with bridge. With such a clue, you will find the answers pretty straightforward, I am sure.

One more thing. The answers I give are final having been vetted by a very knowledgeable but nameless panel.
1.  Where is this?

 congress new room.JPG 
 Clue: if you have never been here, then you certainly should in 2020.

2. Who is here and why is she standing behind the cards?

Cynthia  Clayton.jpg 
  Clue? We have already given you plenty...."she", "cards". Do you need any more?

3. Who is he and what is he holding? ( the cutting off of the object is
entirely intentional!)

  Grant Jarvis 1st Emerald Grand Master (3).jpg 
  If you need a clue as to who it is, then you could not have played
 much bridge around this country  in 2019 as he certainly did! 

4. A 2-part question:

Epsom marathon 4.JPG     James Yang and Andrew Liu.jpg
Auckland bridge player, James Yang, features in both of these pictures. He is in the
foreground of the first and on the right of the second. Why does he look so worn out
in the first and so happy in the second?

5. Nice flowers: nice person. Who is she and why
 are the flowers especially significant? Why is she
holding them?

Lyn Mould Vol of Month (2).jpg
That's three questions...and no clues!

Answers tomorrow morning...hope you can wait that long.

Richard Solomon

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