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"Thanks, Teamies"

 Jo and Sam Simpson

Jo and Sam Simpson have been selected to join Pat Carter-Julie Atkinson and Jenny Millington - Barry Jones in the New Zealand Mixed Team  the World Championships in Italy in August. Naturally, they are delighted to be part of that team but they recognise that where there are winners, there are losers,too. This article is dedicated to the unlucky pair, their unlucky teammates from the trial, Liz and Blair Fisher.
It also shows the different results one can get from the same deal at two different tables. 14 imps exchanged hands in a very unusual way. Over then to Jo and Sam:
Congratulations to the Carter team who won the Mixed Pairs trials convincingly in Christchurch this past weekend, to represent New Zealand at the World champs in Italy later this year.
We consider ourselves fortunate to have been selected as the third pair to join such a talented team and thanks to all involved in our selection.
We also want to thank our trials team mates, Liz and Blair Fisher, for their great contribution enabling our team to be the runners up, and being fabulous team mates.  It’s tough to miss out, a shame it’s not teams of 8!
Here’s one of our favourite results from the tournament showing the Fisher effect in action.
At our table, there was an uncontested auction to “all pass”!
So, to the score up, we announce our table result. “Nah, mate” says Blair, “board 1, what did you do on board 1?”
“Yep, all pass” we said. “What about you?”
“Plus 920” says Blair!
Board 1
North Deals
None Vul
K 4 3
A K 9 7 5
10 8 7 6 3
A 7 4 2
A 10 6 5
J 4 3
J 9
W   E
K Q J 9 3
9 8
Q 10 8 6 2
10 8 6 5
Q J 7 2
A K 5 4 2
West North East South
  Blair   Liz
  1  1  2 
2  4  Pass 6 
All pass      

 2Diamond-small showed 4 card spade support.


Blair's 4Spade-small showing a very good raise in clubs (spade shortage) and Liz, aware of the spade void in North, found the cold 6Club-small
14 imps doesn’t seem adequate for a slam bid opposite all pass. Well done guys and thanks again. 
Jo and Sam Simpson. 


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