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The Bridge Zone Show - 099


This week's show includes

 Bridge Zone 17 June 2020 001.jpg


  • One more week listeners – such a nice Birthday milestone to have reached
  • We have tears on the Bridge Zone today, Master Jones is huffing and puffing, very unfit and lateness is a poor excuse for running
  • We’re back to the Clubs and things are a little different
  • The Electronic Movement is making itself know – some Bridge Clubs and The Co-operative Bank are reducing their footprint on legal tender
  • Looking to implement vouchers, electronic payment for table money, Auckland and Hamilton reviewing programmes to deduct from the Bridge Mates etc – some Clubs are already there
  • Hamilton Bridge Club is making available Breakfast before Bridge on Friday morning
  • What a nice idea….

 Bridge Zone 17 June 2020 002.jpg


  • Will Barry break out his wallet and let some moths out
  • Wayne Burrows shares a moment in his Bridge Life and how he coped with personal tragedy
  • Judge Julie rules on hesitation, her preferred form of exercise and potentially screaming Directors - psychology degrees?


  Bridge Zone show 17 June 2020 003.jpgthat’s right – don’t step on it – it makes you cry….


  • We welcome Alan Morris next week
  • Barry steals a tip from Bob H

 Bridge Zone Show 17 June 2020 004.jpg


  • I Dunno! – the new segment on The Bridge Zone
  • Can you stump the wise old owl?
  • Ring or email us and if Father Jones can’t answer – the prize is yours
  • Catch you next week


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