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There is better search function of players and Masterpoints: Not only can you search a player, but you can add a date range in that search.  You will also be able to search by Grade, Rank, Club or Region.  There are a couple of small things to resolve, but should be fixed soon.

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You can search results from any club, because we are automatically processing Masterpoints from all clubs and collecting results, we can display these results on this website.  They will only be a high-level result showing placings and %.  We hope to see something in the next day or so, as results are published.

Masterpoint Awards
The Masterpoint tables have been improved to allocate a fairer portion of masterpoints no matter how many pairs or teams are in the event.  The awards will be applied more consistently without deviating too greatly from the current tables. These changes are being published over the next day or so.  The 3A and 5A tables are loaded, if you want to have a look.  Go to the Materpoints  tab, then to the Points tables

Karen Martelletti

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