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We are now off with the old and on with the new - going into 2018 with some new faces on the Board and some new approaches. One of these approaches has landed in Wellington with radio advertising, starting mid-February, in the city and the Kapiti Coast. Clubs have prepared with some rescheduling of lessons and we’ve put times and contact details prominently on the regional website. Fingers crossed for a boost in numbers.

Some of the best of 2017

As ever, 2017 ended with some bridge events and some recognition of achievements. I was distracted again recently (yes, Sydney was hot, hot, hot!) and haven’t managed to take any photos, instead picking up a few from local club websites and newsletters.

The Wellington Club completed its year with the Suzanne Duncan, held between Xmas and the New Year over 3 nights. Russell Dive and Anthony Ker won this event from Stephen and Annette Henry. Both pairs were well clear of the field, but only 0.08% apart after three nights.

Before then, they’d held the Christmas Cheer tournament on behalf of the Regional Committee. Kathy and Anthony Ker  took this from Isobel Ross and David May, and James Li and John Patterson. Graham Potter and John Black were the top Intermediate pair, John Davidson and Susan Laurenson, top Open/Intermediate pair, and Jenny Norris and Sally Broadhurst, the top Junior/ Junior-Intermediate pair.

Kers colourful Kers dec 17.jpg 

The Colourful Kers", winning at the Christmas Cheer. That's Anthony
and Kathy, who need no introduction.

The Regional Committee presents three annual trophies during the Christmas Cheer. The Open grade trophy is awarded to the person gaining the most A points in local competitions during the year. This again went to Anthony Ker for the third time in a row, his 6th in total since 1994. The Intermediate trophy, based on a 5, 4, etc type scoring for 1st to 5th placings, went to Graham Potter.

Tony Sutich and Graham Potter.jpg
Regional Committee Chairperson Tony Sutich (left) presents Graham Potter with the IIntermediate Trophy.

The Junior grade trophy, awarded to the winner of the Wellington Region Junior League, went to Miriam Lewin.

A few local players reached the heady heights of Grandmaster. Mindy Wu and Pat D’Arcy became Silver Grandmasters, and Russell Dive and Chris Bolland became Grandmasters. As I’ve submitted a few photos of the latter three over recent months, I’ll go back six months or so for my final photo of Lorraine Inglis, who then became the Kapi Mana Bridge Club’s first Grandmaster.

Mindy Wu..jpg                         Lorraine Inglis.jpg   
New Silver Grand Master, Mindy Wu.               First Grand Master for Kapi-Mana,
                                                                         Lorraine Inglis

Finally, speaking of further achievement at the national level, Kate Davies won the 2017 Baden Wilson female trophy, moving up from her 7th placing the previous year, and 12th the year before that. Anthony Ker was 6th in the men’s, and John Patterson 8th.

And moving into 2018

There has been only the one local tournament so far in 2018, but our top players have been roaming far and wide. Mindy Wu, Sandra Coleman, Graeme Norman and Patrick D’Arcy won the Top of the South Teams, with Alan Grant and Ross Quayle members of the second placed team. Alan, again, and Anthony Ker were part of the second placed team in the South Island Teams on 11-12 February. Kate Davies and John Paterson were part of the winning team in the Teams Plate at the Tauranga Congress.

Our first local tournament was the Waikanae Open on 11 February. This tournament is one of the local gems, and its hospitality and catering has gained an enthusiastic fan in one of our city players in his first recent foray to that club. Getting a couple of good scores and a reasonable placing would have increased his enjoyment even further. (Hi, Gary.) Anne Baird-Horner and Tim Horner won from Lynda Rigler and Peter Delahunty.

Sadly, renovations at the Masterton club have meant their Intermediate and Junior tournaments in late February are not taking place.

And if you have read this far and are therefore indisputably, undeniably, madly keen on bridge in the Wellington region, perhaps you should consider putting yourself forward for the Wellington Regional Committee (which is looking for new members mid-year).

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