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33RD New Zealand National Congress

Did you enjoy the Gold Coast Congress? Whether or not you went, it’s time to start planning for Hamilton.

In just under seven months, it will be time for the 33rd National Bridge Congress to be held at the Distinction Hotel in Hamilton.

Maybe there’s some advance planning to be done… flights or accommodation to book?

It seems a long way ahead but you could even enter some or all of the events. You do not have to pay yet. Payment would be appreciated by 31st August…a great date to have paid by if you want to take advantage of the cheaper package rates.

Remember, entering events and paying are two different stages. Entering events on-line is the same procedure as last year. You must be registered on the NZ Bridge website to enter any events.

What’s New?

Another wing refurbished. The 100 wing has been done up, like the 200,300,400 and 500 wings were last year. This has had some effect on the prices.

The bad news

Rooms in the 100 wing are now 160.00 per room per night (for one or two people). Rooms in all wings except the 600 wing are 160.00 whereas the 600 wing is 130.00.

The good news

Other than the 100 and 600 wings, those prices are the same as in 2017…but..

This year, for the first time, the room price includes breakfast (in the restaurant).

congress new room 3.JPG

Increased Travel Subsidies for South Island Players

For many years, South Island players who register for the full Congress, have been given a subsidy towards their travel costs. Not only are these subsidies increasing this year, but they are being extended (at reduced amounts) for those who register for one of the three partial packages: New Zealand Pairs, New Zealand Restricted Pairs and New Zealand Teams.

                                      Old        New              New Partial Package

                                      Subsidy                                 Subsidy

Blenheim, Nelson,
Christchurch                100.00   125.00                 60.00

Dunedin, Timaru,
Oamaru, West Coast   130.00   150.00                75.00

Invercargill                   175.00   200.00              100.00

To make our Congress truly “National”, we hope to get good representation from the South Island and hope these subsidies make it a little easier financially for South Island players to attend.

 Program Changes

There will be a small change in the latter rounds of New Zealand Teams, not to the format but in giving more choices to the top finishing teams in the Swiss.

The Open Swiss Pairs will play in two fields, North-South and East-West. No more complaining you sat against the cards for 9 rounds. If you did, so will all your opposition! There will be no changes to the Restricted Open or Intermediate Swiss.

The Novice Pairs will revert to Sunday afternoon, 2.00pm.

Otherwise, we will repeat what seemed to be the popular and successful format of 2017.

Congress brochures will be available at your club (and on NZ Bridge website) by the end of March.

I hope this has given you a taste of what will be different and what will be the same this year.

Start planning: the clock’s ticking.......clockk ticking.png

Richard Solomon, Chairman, National Congress Organising Committee.

If you have any queries, please contact me on   or on 09 232 8494

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