2017 Prize List


Novice pairs  Andy Coon / Chris Coon
Restricted Open Pairs  Chris Marshall / James Thompson
NZ Open Pairs  Julie Atkinson / Patrick Carter
NZ Open Plate  Jeff Miller / Graeme Stout
NZ Congress Pairs  Angela Dougall / Kevin Dougall
NZ Teams  James Coutts / Nick Jacob / Michael Courtney / Rosie Don / Liam Milne / Tony Nunn
Back to the Future Teams  Susan Humphries / Denis Humphries / John Davidson / Tim Schumacher
Point a Board Teams  Kate Davies / Anne Somerville / John Pattison / Murat Genc
NZ Senior Teams  Tom Winiata / Tom Henwood / Lesley Quilty / Sonia Crawford
NZ Intermediate Teams  Carol Joseph / Raewyn Kitching / Sharon Marryatt / Anna Powell
NZ Mixed Pairs  Kitty Muntz / Leigh Gold
NZ Same Sex Pairs  Paul Hangartner / Mark Hangartner
NZ Senior Pairs  Tom Kiss / Alasdair Beck
NZ Intermediate Pairs  Julia Zhu / Tony Jiang
NZ Open Swiss Pairs  Clair Miao / Wayne Burrows
NZ Intermediate Swiss Pairs  Julia Zhu / Tony Jiang
NZ Open Restricted Swiss Pairs  David Garrett / Denise Mayhew
Youth Test      Australia - Ella Pattison / Cesca McGrath / John McMahon / Charles McMahon
Cormack Cup (Best Womens Team)  Judy Pawson / Kate Terry / Karen Martelletti / Julie Sheridan / Jo Simpson
Cornell Trophy (Best Mixed Team)  Barry Jones / Jenny Millington / Julie Atkinson / Patrick Carter
Evennett Trophy (Best NZ Team)  Barry Jones / Jenny Millington / Julie Atkinson / Patrick Carter
Dan Gifford Rubber Bridge  Bruce Batchelor / Moss Wylie
Lionel Wright Trophy (top Youth pair in NZ Pairs)  Vincent He / Zachary Yan
Top Veteran Pair in NZ Open Pairs  Maurice Carter / Tony Oberdries
Top Team Day 1 of NZ teams not in round of 16  Andrew Janisz / Lynne Guersen / Sue Ingham / Terry Brown / Trevor Robb
Top Team Day 2 of NZ teams not in round of 16  Brett Glass / Gary Foidl / Mark Roberton / Sylvester Riddell
Top Pair below Open in the Restricted pairs  Julia Zhou / Tony Jiang
Top Junior Pair in the Restricted pairs  Vincent He / Zachary Yan
Best Team with less than 250 average A Pts  Di Emms / Jane Stearns / Jenna Robinson / Ed Roggeveen
Best Team with less than 175 average A Pts  David Cook / Sita Monaghan / Vicky Russell / Jane Worthington
Best Team with less than 100 average A Pts  Andrew Michl / John O'Connor / Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin / Jacob Kalma
Best Team with less than 50 average A Pts  Estelle Davis / Garth Robinson / Graeme Duhs / Rosemary Ritchie
Best Team with 3 or more Juniors in the Intermediate Teams  Tonni Keijzer / Charmaine Churches / Lauren Lehndorf / Christine Knowles
Top pair in the NZ Teams Datum  Matthew Brown / Michael Whibley
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