Objectives of NZ Bridge

The objects of NZ Bridge are:

  • To foster, promote and conserve, without intention of pecuniary gain, the game of Contract Bridge and the participation of Players in New Zealand through membership of Affiliated Clubs.
  • To manage, control, administer and be responsible for the regulation of Contract Bridge in New Zealand.To institute, control, conduct, license or approve Tournaments or matches, and to adopt, formulate, interpret and enforce rules for the conduct of such Tournaments or matches and to aid by advice or other means organisations and Clubs conducting local or sectional Tournaments or matches.
  • To arrange matches or contests in New Zealand or overseas between Teams representing New Zealand and those representing other countries or states.
  • To select and control Players, partnerships and Teams to represent New Zealand and to regulate and conduct any trials for such purpose, and to appoint Coaches, non-playing captains and chefs de mission for any international events or matches.
  • To arrange, control and secure the conduct of a National Bridge Congress to be held annually in New Zealand and any competitions or matches to be carried on in conjunction with such event.
  • To institute, control and conduct a scheme for the award of Master Points to Players and to keep and maintain a record of such awards and/or the rankings and ratings obtained by individual Players arising from such awards or as a result of other achievements arising from participation in the game.
  • To promote and secure the regular publication of a magazine or other publication entitled NZ Bridge and to produce and disseminate newsletters, manuals, programmes and any other material relating to Contract Bridge.
  • To conduct courses and examinations to qualify Directors and other Officials to conduct bridge sessions and events.
  • To promote, support or produce development and educational programmes, lessons, material, publications or other aids designed to teach persons to play and/or to encourage participation in the game of Contract Bridge and/or to raise the skill levels and abilities of Players who are members of Affiliated Clubs or who have been selected for or are eligible for any event, competition, Tournament or match.
  • To print, publish and/or distribute under licence the Rules and Laws to govern all forms of Contract Bridge, including Tournament, Duplicate and Rubber games.
  • To constitute an authoritative organisation for the final determination in New Zealand of all questions and matters that may arise in the play of the game of Contract Bridge, and to interpret the Rules and Laws and to serve as the arbiter of controversies on all matters directly or indirectly pertaining to or arising from the game, including all matters relating to discipline and/or complaints regarding play or the conduct or behaviour of Players or Officials.
  • To apply for, affiliate with or become a member of any other society, association or organisation for any purpose consistent with the advancement of these objects, or that is involved with the promotion, administration and regulation of Contract Bridge outside New Zealand, including the World Bridge Federation.
  • To promote the observance of appropriate ethical principles by all persons participating in the play of the game.
  • To solicit and enter into sponsorships or discount arrangements or other relationships with groups, companies or other entities for the benefit of NZ Bridge, Affiliated Clubs, Players and/or any other party.
  • To do all such other things as in the opinion of the Board may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the foregoing objects including requiring any Affiliated Club to alter its constitution so as to comply with these objects or these Rules.

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