2018 Prize List


NZ Youth Teams Brad Johnston, Feitong Chen, John McMahon, Nico Ranson
Novice pairs Megan Jolly, Janice Wilton (N/S), Murray Climo, Helen Climo (E/W)
Restricted Open Pairs Ken McMahon. Charles McMahon
NZ Open Pairs James Coutts, Liam Milne
NZ Open Plate Peter Newell, Martin Reid
NZ Congress Pairs Grant Jarvis, Ian Berrington
NZ Teams Graeme Stout, Jeff Miller, Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby
Back to the Future Teams Anna Kalma, Lesley Quilty, Lynette Morgan, Ian Bond
Point a Board Teams Tony Jiang, Jeffery Ren, Julia Zhu, James Yang
NZ Senior Teams Leslie Watt, Janet Barnard, Nola Clark, Russell Watt
NZ Intermediate Teams Wayne Smith, Garth Robinson, Graeme Duhs, Stuart Grant
NZ Mixed Pairs Michael Courtney, Rosie Don
NZ Same Sex Pairs Charles Ker, Moss Wylie
NZ Senior Pairs Ernie Sutton, Frances Sheehy
NZ Intermediate Pairs Tony Ren, Kevin Hu
NZ Open Swiss Pairs NS: Alison Beer, Marie Milsum   EW: Margaret Perley, Paul Freeland
NZ Intermediate Swiss Pairs Wayne Smith, Stuart Grant
NZ Open Restricted Swiss Pairs Mark Thomson, Jeffrey Chang
Youth Test     Australia - John McMahon, Nico Ranson, Matt Smith, Andrew Spooner
Cormack Cup (Best Womens Team) Pam Tibble, Trish Downward, Sarah Garland, Mary Buckland
Cornell Trophy (Best Mixed Team) Barry Jones, Jenny Millington, Patrick Carter, Julie Atkinson
Evennett Trophy (Best NZ Team) Steve Boughey, Carol Richardson, Andi Boughey,  Alister Stuck, Russell Wilson
Dan Gifford Rubber Bridge Peter Newell, Martin Reid
Lionel Wright Trophy (top Youth pair in NZ Pairs) Yiwei QI, Eddy Tan
Top Veteran Pair in NZ Open Pairs Alan Doddridge, Jenny Wilson
Top Team Day 1 of NZ teams not in round of 16 Ian Clayton, Noel Woodhall, Pam Moore, Ian Moore
Top Team Day 2 of NZ teams not in round of 16 Lynette Morgan, Ian Bond, Ella Gray, Michael Neels
Top Pair below Open in the Restricted pairs Janet Howell, Chris Sutton 
Top Junior Pair in the Restricted pairs Kevin Hu, Tony Ren
Best Team with no more than 250 average A Pts Ed Roggeveen, Jenna Robinson, Jane Stearns, Di Emms
Best Team with no more than 175 average A Pts Spring Lin, Jamie Zhu, Kevin Fan, Jerry Chen
Best Team with no more than 100 average A Pts Alan Parkes, Graham Stern, Ryan Song, Tegan Bennik
Best Team with no more than 50 average A Pts Madeline Askew, Phil Revill, Gail Tippett, Paul Maxwell
Best Team with 3 or more Juniors 
in the Intermediate Teams
Tony Ren, Kevin Hu, Yiwei Qi, Eddy Tan
Top pair in the NZ Teams Datum Ken Yule, Kathy Yule


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