Regional Committee Minutes



AK Nthland Region Minutes 6 Jan 2024.pdf

AK Nth Region Minutes Dec 19 2023.pdf

ANRC meeting November 6 2023.pdf

ANRC Meeting Minutes Sept 5 2023.pdf

ANRC Minutes 9 August 2023.pdf

Minutes of ANRC Meeting July 2 2023.pdf

ANRC Minutes of meeting May 14 2023.pdf

Auckland Northland Region Minutes 22 March...

Minutes of ANRC DEC 7 2022.pdf

AK Nth Regional Committee Minutes 2 Nov 2022

AK Nth Regional Committee Minutes Aug 23 2022.pdf

Minutes AK Nthland Region 5 July 2022.pdf

ANRC Minutes 1 Dec 2021.pdf

ANRC Minutes 15th September 2019.pdf

ANRC Minutes 10th February 2019.pdf 

ANRC Minutes 18th November 2018.pdf 

ANRC Minutes 16th September 2018.pdf

 ANRC Minutes 8th July 2018.pdf 

 ANRC Minutes 11th February 2018.pdf

ANRC Minutes 19th November 2017.pdf
ANRC Minutes 10th September 2017.pdf

ANRC Minutes 16th July 2017.pdf

ANRC Minutes 19th March 2017 . 2 doc.pdf
ANRC Minutes 22nd January. 2017.pdf

ANRC Minutes 6th November 2016.pdf
Auckland Northland Minutes 22 May 2016.pdf
AK Northland Minutes 6 March 2016.pdf
AK Nthland Region Minutes Sun 13th Sept 2015.pdf
Auckland Nthland Minutes Sun 5th July 2015.pdf
Auckland Nthland Minutes 22nd March 2015.pdf
Auckland Northland RC Minutes Sun 18th Jan...
AK Nthland Region Minutes 12th October 2014.pdf
AK Nthland Region Minutes Sun 13th April 2014.pdf
AK Nthland Region Minutes 9th Feb 2014.pdf
Auckland Northland Region Minutes - 17 Nov 2013
AK Nthland Region Minutes Sun 22 Sept 2013.pdf
Auckland Northland Region Minutes Sun 28 July.
NZB 2013 AK Nthland Region Minutes Sun 26 May 2013
NZB 2013 AK Northland Region Sun 21 April 2013.pdf

NZB 2013 AK Northland Minutes Sun 17 Mar 2013.pdf
NZB 2013 Auckland Region Minutes Sun 10 Feb 2013.pdf
NZB 2012 Apr Auckland Region - Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 Feb Auckland - Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Nov Auckland Region - Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Sept Auckland - Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 June Auckland.pdf
NZB 2011 Apr Auckland.pdf
NZB 2011 Jan Auckland.pdf
NZB 2010 Oct Auckland.pdf

NZB 2010 Sept Auckland.pdf
NZB 2010 June Auckland.pdf
NZB 2010 Apr Auckland.pdf
NZB 2010 Feb Auckland.pdf


 W Bays Region MInutes 18 March 2024.pdf

WBRC Region 19_Feb_2024.pdf

 W Bays Region Minutes 18 Dec 2023.pdf

W Bays Region Minutes 20 Nov 2023.pdf

WBRC Minutes 16 Oct 2023.pdf

WBays Region Minutes 5 Oct 2023.pdf

WBays Region Minutes 18 Sept 2023.pdf

WBRC Approved Minutes 22_Aug_23.pdf

WBRC Minutes 17 July 2023.pdf

W Bays Region Minutes 22 May 2023.pdf

Minutes WBRC 14-03-2023.pdf

WBRC Minutes 22-11-2022.pdf

Minutes WBRC 12-7-2022.pdf

WB Meeting Minutes 21 March 2022.pdf

Minutes WBRC 21 February 2022.pdf

Minutes WBRC 6 December 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 15 November 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 18 October 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 20 September 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 16 August 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 19 July 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 17 May 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 19 April 2021.pdf

 Minutes WBRC 15 Feb 2021.pdf

Minutes WBRC 23 Nov 2020.pdf

Minutes WBRC 21 September 2020.pdf 

W Bays Region Minutes WBRC 17 Aug 2020.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 20 July 2020.pdf 

Signed Minutes WBRC 5 July 2020.pdf 

Signed Minutes WBRC 12 June 2020.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 28 May 2020.pdf

Minutes WBRC 24 April 2020.pdf

Minutes WBRC 4 April 2020.pdf

Minutes WBRC 16 Feb 2020.pdf

WBRC Minutes 13 October 2019.pdf

WB Regional Conference 22 Sep 2019 Summary... 

Minutes WBRC 13 September 2019.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 26 May 2019.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 17 May 2019.pdf

 Minutes WBRC 5 May 2019.pdf 

 Minutes WBRC 12 April 2019.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 15 March 2019.pdf

Minutes WBRC 8 Feb 2019.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 23 Nov 2018.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 14 Sep 2018.pdf

Minutes WBRC 17 Aug 2018.pdf

Minutes WBRC 11 Aug 2018.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 11 Aug 2018 SCT.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 20 July 2018.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 22 June 2018.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 13 May 2018.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 13 April 2018.pdf

Minutes WBRC 16 March 2018.pdf

Minutes WBRC 9 Feb 2018.pdf 

Minutes WBRC 29 October 2017.pdf
Minutes WBRC 1 Sep 2017.pdf
Minutes WB Regional Conference 24 Sep 2017

Minutes WBRC 4 Aug 2017

Minutes WBRC 7 July 2017.pdf

Minutes WBRC 26 May 2017.pdf
Minutes WBRC 7 April 2017.pdf
Minutes WBRC 17 March 2017 Signed.pdf
Minutes WBRC 10 Feb 2017 Signed.pdf
Minutes WBRC 30 Oct 2016 Signed.pdf
Minutes WBRC 9 Sep 2016 Signed.pdf
Minutes WB Regional Conference 18 Sep 2016...
Minutes WBRC 8 July 2016 Signed.pdf
Minutes WBRC 17 June 2016.pdf
Minutes WBRC 29 April 2016 Signed.pdf
Minutes WBRC 18 March 2016.pdf
Minutes WBRC 1 Nov 2015.pdf
Minutes WBRC 31 July 2015.pdf
Minutes WBRC 20 March 2015.pdf
Minutes WBRC 6 Feb 2015.pdf
Minutes WB Regional Conference 2 Nov 2014.pdf
Minutes WBRC 19 October 2014.pdf
Minutes WBRC 29 Aug 2014.pdf
Minutes WBRC 18 August 2014.pdf
Minutes WBRC meeting 30 July 2014.pdf
Minutes WBRC Meeting 10 July 2014.pdf
Waikato Bays Minutes 2 February 2014.pdf
Waikato Bays Minutes 14 March 2014.pdf
Waikato Bays Minutes 23 May 2014.pdf
Waikato Bays Minutes 20 October 2013.pdf
NZB 2013 Waikato Bays Minutes 23 June 2013
NZB 2013 Waikato Bays Minutes 2 Feb 2013.pdf

NZB 2012 July Waikato Bays Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 Apr Waikato Bays Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Nov Waikato Bays Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Sept Waikato Bays Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Mar Waikato Bays Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 June Waikato Bays Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Feb Waikato Bays Meeting.pdf


 CD Region Minutes March 15th 2024 .

 CD Region Minutes 2 Feb 2024.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 6th October 2023.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 19 May 2023.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 24 March 2023.pdf

 CD Minutes 27th Jan. 2023.pdf

CD Region Minutes 9 December 2022.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 16 Sept 2022.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 26th June 2022.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 6th May 2022.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 18 March 2022.pdf

CD Minutes 25 February 2022.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 3 December 2021.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 22 October 21.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 17 October 21.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 08 Aug 2021.pdf

 CD Region Minutes July 21 2021.pdf

 CD Region Minutes June 21 2021.pdf

 CD Minutes 18th December 2020.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 13 November 20.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 16th October 2020.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 7th August 2020.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes June 26th 2020.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 20 March 2020.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 14 February 2020.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes December 6th 2019.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 11th October 19.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 19 June 2019.pdf

 CD Region Minutes 15 March 19.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 8.02.19.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 17 Aug 2018.pdf 

 CD Region Minutes 20 July 2018.pdf 

 CD Minutes 29 June 2018.pdf 

CD Regional Bridge Committee Minutes 18 May.2018

CD Minutes 23 March 2018.pdf 

CD Minutes 19 Jan 2018.pdf
CD Minutes 27 October 2017.pdf
CD Region Minutes 19 August 2017.pdf
CD Committee Minutes 23 June 2017.pdf
CD Minutes 19 May 2017.pdf
Minutes 30 April 2017 CD Regional Conference.pdf
CD Region Minutes 24 March 2017.pdf
CD Region Minutes 3 March 2017.pdf
CD Region Minutes 12 December 2016.pdf
CD Minutes 7 October 2016.pdf
Minutes CD Region 12 September 2016.pdf
CD Region Minutes 12 Aug 2016.pdf
CD Region Minutes 8 July 2016.pdf
CD Region Minutes 6 May 2016.pdf
CD Region Minutes 19 February 2016.pdf
CD Region Minutes 18 July 2015.pdf
CD Region Minutes 1 April 2015.pdf
CD Regional Committee Minutes 21 Feb 2015.pdf
CD Minutes Sept 5 2014.pdf
CD Minutes18 July v (2).pdf
CD Region Minutes13 June 2014.pdf
CD Regional Committee Minutes 11 April 2014.pdf
CD Region Minutes 7 February 2014.pdf
CD 1 November 2013 Minutes.pdf

CD 18 August 2013 Minutes.pdf
NZB 2013  CD Region Minutes 28 June 2013.pdf
CD Region Minutes 2 May 2013.pdf
CD Region Minutes 14 Feb 2013 .pdf
CD Region Minutes 26 October 2012.pdf
NZB 2012 Aug 17 Central Districts Minutes.pdf

NZB 2012 Aug 11 Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 May Central Districts Minutes.pd
NZB 2012 Feb Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Nov Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Sept Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 May Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Mar 28 Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Mar 10 Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Feb Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Dec Central Districts Minutes.pdf

NZB 2010 Nov Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Oct Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Oct 13 Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Sept Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Jul Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Jun Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 May Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Apr 25 Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Apr 14 Central Districts Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Mar Central Districts Minutes.pdf



Minutes Wgtn Regional Committee 1 May 2023.pdf

Wgtn Region Minutes 4 July 2022.pdf

Wgtn Region Minutes 24 May 2022.pdf

 Wgtn Region Minutes 13 April 2022.pdf

 WGTN Region Minutes 9 Mar 2022.pdf

 WGTN Region Minutes 2 Feb 2022.pdf

 WGTN Region Minutes 24 Nov 2021.pdf

 WGTN Region Minutes 27 Oct 2021.pdf

 WGTN Region Minutes 4 Aug 2021.pdf

 Wgtn Region Minutes 7 July 2021.pdf

 Wgtn Region Minutes 26 May 2021.pdf

 Wgtn Region Minutes 20 April 2021.pdf

Wgtn Region Minutes 24 March 2021.pdf

Wgtn Region Minutes 1 March 2021.pdf

WGTN Region minutes 11feb2020.pdf 

Wgtn Region Minutes 10 July 2018.pdf

WRC Meeting of Clubs 15 October 2017

WGTN Region Minutes 15 Aug 2017 .pdf 

WGTN Region Minutes 11 July 2017.pdf
WGTN Region Minutes 30 May, 2017.pdf

Wgtn Region Minutes 2 May 2017.pdf
WGTN Region Minutes 28 March 2017.pdf

Wgtn Region Minutes 24 January 2017.pdf

Wgtn Region Minutes 1 November 2016.pdf
Wgtn Region Minutes 20 September 2016.pdf
WGTN REGION Minutes 24 Nov 15.pdf
Minutes WRC Meeting 16 June 15.pdf
Minutes WRBC Meeting 19 May 2015.pdf
Minutes of WRC Meeting 31 March 2015.pdf
Minutes of WRC Meeting 03 March 2015.pdf

Wellington Regional Minutes 18 Nov 2014.pdf
WRC Minutes 22 April 2014.pdf
WRC Minutes 20 March 2014.pdf
WRC Minutes 18 February 2014.pdf
Wgtn Region Minutes 28 Jan 2014.pdf
Wgtn Region Minutes 3 12 2013.pdf
Wellington Region Minutes 13 August 2013.pdf
Wellington Region Minutes 2 July 2013.pdf
Wellington Region Minutes 6 June 2013.pdf
Wellington Region Minutes 23 April 2013.pdf
NZB 2011 July Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 Apr Wellington Minutes.pdf

NZB 2012 Mar Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Dec Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Aug Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 July Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Apr Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Dec Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Oct Wellington Minutes.pdf 
NZB 2010 Mar Wellington Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Feb Wellington Minutes.pdf


 TOPS minutes 21 March 2024.pdf

 TOPS minutes 14 Oct 2023.pdf

TOPS minutes 10 May 2023.pdf

 TOPS minutes 13 Feb 2023.pdf

 TOPS minutes 15 OCT 22.pdf

TOPS Region Minutes 21 May 2022.pdf

TOPS Region Minutes 29th January 2022.pdf

TOPS R C Meeting  7th June 2020.pdf 

Top of South 29 March 2020.pdf

TOPS RC meeting minutes 25th January 2020.pdf

TOPS Region Minutes 15th Sept 2019.pdf

TOPS Regional Committee Meeting 27th July 2019.pdf

Summary TOTS Region Conference 23 June 2019.pdf 

Top of the South RC meeting 13TH April 2019

TOPS Region Minutes 9 Mar 2019

 Minutes TOPS RC 26 Jan 2019.pdf

 Minutes TOPS RC Meeting 3 Nov 2018.pdf 

Minutes TOPS RC 9 Sep 2018.pdf 

Minutes TOTS 18 July 2018.pdf 

TOTS Minutes 190518.pdf

TOTS Minutes 270118.pdf 

TOTS Minutes 171117.pdf
TOTS Minutes 100917.pdf
TOTS Minutes 130817.pdf
TOTS Minutes 200517.pdf
TOTS Region Minutes 140517.pdf
TOTS Region Minutes 12 Nov 2016.pdf
TOTS Region Minutes 8 Oct 2016.pdf
TOTS Region Minutes 300716.pdf
TOTS Regional Conference 11 March 2016.pdf
TOTS Minutes 150815.pdf
TOTS Minutes 170515.pdf
TOTS Minutes 180415.pdf
TOTS Minutes 240115.pdf
TOTS Minutes 011114.pdf
TOTS Region Minutes 12 July 2014.pdf
TOTS Minutes 170514.pdf
TOTS Minutes 15 March 2014
TOTS Minutes 250114.pdf
TOTS Minutes 191013.pdf
NZB 2913 TOTS 9 June 2013
NZB 2013 TOTS 18 May 2013
NZB 2013 TOTS 5 May 2013
NZB 2013 TOTS 20 April 2013
NZB 2012 May TOTS Minutes.pdf

NZB 2012 Jan TOTS Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Oct TOTS Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 May TOTS Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Jan TOTS Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Oct TOTS Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 May TOTS Minutes.pdf


Canterbury Region Minutes 23 July 2022.pdf

Canterbury Region Minutes 9th March 2019.pdf

CRC Minutes Dec 1 2018.pdf

CRC Minutes 22 September 2018.pdf

CRC Minutes 12 May 2018.pdf 

CRC Minutes 3 December 2017.pdf

CRC Minutes 20 August 2017.pdf

CRC Minutes 25 June 2017.pdf
CRC Minutes 15 April 2017.pdf
CRC Minutes 26 Jan 2017.pdf
CRC Minutes 18 Nov 2016.pdf
CRC Conference Minutes 15 Oct 2016-2.pdf

CRC Minutes 20 Sept 2016.pdf
CRC Minutes 28 June 2016.pdf
CRC Minutes 21 April 2016.pdf
CRC Minutes 17 March 2016.pdf
CRC Minutes 10 Sept 2015.pdf
CRC Minutes 26 July 2015.pdf
CRC Minutes 11th June 2015.pdf
CRC Minutes 30 April 2015.pdf
CRC Minutes 2nd Feb 2015.pdf
CRC Minutes 8th Dec 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 31st October 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 19th September 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 18th August 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 25th July 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 20th June 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 9th May 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 26th March 2014.pdf
CRC Minutes 14th Feb 2014.pdf
Canterbury Region 8 Dec 2013
CRC Minutes 11th Oct 2013.pdf
CRC Minutes 16th Sept 2013.pdf
CRC Minutes 16th August 2013.pdf
CRC Minutes 22nd July 2013.pdf
NZB  2013 CRC 14 June 2013

NZB  2013 CRC 13 May 2013
NZB 2013 CRC Minutes 12th April 2013.pdf
NZB  2013  CRC Minutes 14th March 2013.pdf
CRC Minutes 15th Feb 2013.pdf

NZB 2012 Aug Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 Jun Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 May Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 Apr Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 Feb Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2012 Jan Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Nov Canterbury Minutes.pdf 
NZB 2011 Oct Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Aug Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Jul Canterbury Minutes Skype.pdf
NZB 2011 Jun Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Apr Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2011 Jan Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Oct Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Jun Canterbury Minutes.pdf
NZB 2010 Feb Canterbury Minutes.pdf 



 OS Region Minutes 6 May2024.pdf

 OS Region Minutes 8 April 2024.pdf

 OS Region Minutes 25 March 2024.pdf

 OS Region MInutes 22 January 2024.pdf

OS Region Minutes 27 November 2023.pdf

OS Region Minutes 16 Oct 2023

OS Region Minutes 18 Sept 2023

OS Region Minutes 14 August 2023.

OS Region Minutes  12 June..2023

OS Region Minutes 10 April 2023

OS Region MInutes 13 February 2023.pdf

OS Region Minutes 23 Jan 2023

Minutes OS Region 12 December 2022.pdf

OS Region Minutes 31 Oct 2022.pdf

OS Region Minutes 10 Oct 2022

OS Region Minutes 28 Aug 2022

OSRC Minutes 15 April 2022

OSRC Minutes  6 Feb 2022

OSRC Minutes 30 Nov 2021

OSRC Minutes 4 Oct 2021.pdf

Minutes OS Region 4 July 2021.pdf

OSRC Minutes 1 May 2021.pdf

 Minutes OSRC 23 May 2021.pdf

Minutes OS Region 15 January 2021.pdf

OSRC Minutes 01-08-20.pdf 

OSRC Minutes 25-10-19.pdf

 OSRC Minutes 07-09-19.pdf 

 OSRC Minutes, 26-07-19.pdf 

 OSRC Minutes 05-01-19.pdf

 OS Region Minutes 08-12-18.pdf 

 OS Region Minutes 31-08-18.pdf

 OSRC Minutes, 07-07-18.pdf

 OSRC Minutes, 16-03-18.pdf

 OSRC Minutes 09-12-17.pdf 

Otago Southland Minutes 02-06-17.pdf
OS Region Minutes 09-04-16.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes 05-03-17.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes 9-01-16.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes 25-07-15.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes 08-02-15.pdf
OS Region Minutes 11 Jan 2015.pdf
OS Region Minutes 8 Nov 2014.pdf
OS Region Minutes 13 Sept 2014.pdf
OS Minutes - 20 June 2014.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes - 2 May 2014.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes - 2 March 2014.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes - 23 November 2013.pdf
Otago Southland Minutes 30 August 2013.pdf
NZB 2013  Otago Southland Minutes 14 June 2013

NZB 2013 Otago Southland Minutes - 3 March 2013.pdf

NZB 2012 May OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2012 Feb OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2011 Dec OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2011 Oct OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf 
NZB 2011 Aug OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2011 Jun OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2011 May OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2011 Feb OtagoSouthland Minutes.pdf 
NZB 2010 Nov OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2010 Oct OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf
NZB 2010 May OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf 
NZB 2010 Feb OtagoSouthland Minute.pdf




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