Rankings and Gradings

Gradings- effective from 1 January 2021


  • Provincial Master or higher Rank


  • Club Master or lower Rank and 30 or less Rating Points but 5 or more A Points or
  • Club Master or lower Rank with more than 30 Rating Points or
  • Local Master


  • Club Master or lower Rank and 30 or less Rating Points and less than 5 A Points


There are twelve ranks accorded to holders of Master Points

Rank Aggregate of A & B Points  
Certificate of Proficiency 5  
Club Master 20  
Local Master 50  
Provincial Master 100  (including at least 50 A Points)  
Master 200  (including at least 100 A Points)  
National Master 350  (including at least 175 A Points)  
Life Master 500  (including at least 250 A Points)  
Grand Master 1000  (including at least 500 A Points) Click here to see our latest Grand Masters
Silver Grand Master 2500  (including at least 1250 A Points)  
Gold Grand Master 4000  (including at least 2500 A Points)  
Emerald Grand Master 8000 (including at least 6000 A Points)  
Platinum Grand Master 10000 (including at least 7500 A Points)  

A player with less than 5 A & B Points is classified as “Novice”. On reaching an aggregate of 100 Master Points, a Local Master who has not earned 50 A Points is accorded the status of Local Master - 1 Star. At 150 Master Points he becomes Local Master - 2 Star, with an additional Star for each additional 50 Master Points if he has not attained sufficient A Points. Similarly stars are awarded to masters of other ranks who have not attained sufficient A points for promotion to a higher rank. e.g.A one-star National Master will have acquired 700 plus total Points but not yet attained 250 A Points to move to the rank of Life Master.

There are also competitions to find the top ten 'A' point earners within each Ranking, split into male and female categories, for a calendar year. These results are updated on a monthly basis and are found in the drop down menu under the Masterpoint heading.

The Baden Wilson trophy is for the top overall 'A' point earners in a calendar year based on points earned in New Zealand and split into male and female  categories.          

  • NB: Australian competitions do not count for the Baden Wilson trophy, therefore any awards from Australian competitions will be subtracted from the total at the conclusion of the calendar year
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