Director Reference Guides


Director Reference Guides


The following quick reference guides have been developed to assist club directors to make accurate rulings at the table. 

They cover the common infractions encountered at club sessions and are presented in a flow chart format.

They can be downloaded, printed and laminated to be used as a resource in the club.

The charts are based on the 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge.


Updated 6 May 2022                                                                                   

pdf Insufficient Bid                                                                                             

pdf Call Out of Rotation

pdf Penalty Card

pdf Lead Out of Turn

pdf Revoke

pdf Fouled Board

pdf Disputed Claim

pdf Card exposed during auction

pdf Inadmissable double or redouble

pdf Incorrect No of Cards

pdf Withdrawn Call - Lead Restrictions


Directors Assessments Material

pdf NZB Notes for Club Directors (Laws)

pdf Club Director Exam Overview

pdf Tournament Director Assessment Overview


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