The 36th New Zealand National Bridge Congress is the premier bridge event in our annual calendar and was last attended liveby over 700 players in 2019. 620 players attended the 2021 Online Congress held in February 2022. 


These are the prices for the events which will be played. Please enter the relevant Swiss Pairs and if your team makes the last 8 of the New Zealand Teams, we will automatically withdraw you from the Swiss Pairs. Please note you cannot play Open Restricted Swiss Pairs and Intermediate Swiss Pairs as they clash on the Wednesday morning. 


New Zealand Open/Restricted Open Pairs $160

1st-3rd October : Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. 

New Zealand Open/Restricted Open Teams   $160 3rd - 5th October   Swiss qualifying  Mon afternoon, Tues all day, Wed morn
Open/Restricted Open Swiss Pairs or NZ Teams Round 16 & QF $80  5th (pm) 6th October        Wed afternoon, Thursday all day
 Intermediate Swiss Pairs $60 5th October                       Wednesday   all day
Intermediate Pairs/ Junior Pairs/Senior Pairs



6th October                      Thursday       all day
Martelletti Open/Restricted Open/Senior/Intermediate Teams $80 7th/ 8th October              Friday/Saturday all day
Novice Pairs $10   2nd October                  Sunday 2.30 pm


Click here to view a summary of all Congress events and timetable  You will also find a printable version here if so required


We are using a web based shopping tool which is much easier to use.   Click here to read about the new process

Please enter events as soon as you can. Although entries will be accepted up to about a day in advance for most events we encourage players to enter early. Please enter the events you will play assuming your team is eliminated from New Zealand Open Teams. If your team reaches the knock-out stages, we will automatically withdraw you from events you entered that run at the same time.  The cost of the knock-out stages are covered by those events you entered.



Please note there are special events for Intermediate and Junior players.

You are welcome to play in any Congress event but the following are just for Intermediates and Juniors:

New Zealand Intermediate Swiss Pairs Wednesday 5th October 2 sessions (morning,afternoon)
New Zealand Junior Pairs Thursday     6th October 2 sessions (morning, afternoon)
New Zealand Intermediate  Pairs Thursday    6th October 2 sessions (morning, afternoon)
New Zealand Intermediate Teams Friday/Saturday 7/8th October 4 sessions (morning, afternoon)


Youth players will get a 50% discount on any Congress event. You must have your Year of birth registered with NZB for this to automatically calculate.  Your club should have provided NZB with this so your levy is calculated accurately, so you should not have to do a thing, but if you go to pay and the discount is not offered, contact NZB immediately.


All prices are per person in New Zealand Dollars and include GST. Our refund policy is 100%  before the start of Congress, with the Organisers having flexibility on refunds against written requests after that date.

New Zealand Bridge Incorporated, registered as an Incorporated Society in May 1938 number 215735, disclaims warranties of reasonableness and accuracy, and all warranties with regard to the information on this site, including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. In no event shall the NZB be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of this site or participation at any NZB event.
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