Interprovincial Teams


1.   Applicable to: Interprovincial Trials (for running on either Pairs or Teams basis).

2.   Regions may award Master Points only if trials are open to all registered members of the Region. Should Regions wish to restrict entry (other than for normal reasons of over-subscription or needing an even number of tables) or partially select teams, then NO Master Points may be awarded.

3.   Must play a minimum of 60 deals for Open, Women and Senior Trials.
      Must play a minimum of 44 deals for Intermediate Trials.

4.   If the event is run as a Teams event and Master Points are awarded for the winners of matches, then Session A Points are awarded according to the Basic Table x 1.

If the event is run as a Pairs event, then Session C Points are awarded according to:

Basic Table x 2 (Open, Women, Senior, Youth);
Basic Table (Intermediate).

TRIALS Open Women Senior Youth Intermediate
1st 5A 3A 5B
2nd 3A 2A 3B
3rd 1A 1A 1B
Proportional points awarded if fewer than 6 pairs or teams

INTERPROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIP Open Women Senior Youth Intermediate
1st 15A 10A 5A 5A
2nd 8A 5A 3A 3A
3rd 4A 3A 1A 1A

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