2019 Prize List

Winners FOR 2019

NZ Youth Teams  Yiwei Qi, Tim Pan, Sheryl Luo & Zachary Yan
NZ Open Pairs  James Coutts & Shane Harrison
NZ Open Plate  June Lei & Zhuqiang Tian
Restricted Open Pairs  Nicky Bowers & Joy Watkinson
Matchpoint Swiss Pairs  Peter McCaskill & Jeff Thompson
NZ Congress Pairs  Russell Dive & Russell Wilson
Novice pairs  NS: Neil Sargisson, Jacob Pilalis EW: Kevin Griffin, Ratilal Ranchhod 
Dan Gifford Rubber Bridge  Jo Simpson & Sam Simpson
Goulash Pairs  NS: Bridget Hannaway-Wilcox & Anne-Marie Russell   EW: Kevin Hu & Ryan Song
NZ Teams  Ashley Bach, Brian Mace, Matt Brown, Michael Cornell, Michael Ware & Tom Jacob
NZ Restricted Open Teams  Anne Barrowclough, Deborah Tangney, Joy Watkinson & Nicky Bowers
Multiple Teams  Charles Ker, Karl Hayes, Anthony Ker & Nigel Kearney
NZ Senior Teams  Alasdair Beck, Bob Hurley, Evelyn Hurley & Tom Kiss
NZ Intermediate Teams  Barbara Dow, Upali Sarathchandra, Ric Broadhurst & John Waller
NZ Mixed Pairs  Jinghui Yang & Gong Yunfei
NZ Same Sex Pairs  Martin Lofgren & Calle Ragnarsson
NZ Senior Pairs  Alasdair Beck & Tom Kiss
NZ Intermediate Pairs  John Waller & Yvonne Hughes
NZ Junior Pairs  Suzy Hails & Brigit Cameron
Open Swiss Pairs  NS - Charles Ker & Anthony Ker  EW - Herman Yuan & Andrew Liu
Intermediate Swiss Pairs  Chris Fleming & Jessica Morris
Open Restricted Swiss Pairs  Pru Robertson & Mark Lynn
Youth Test  won by NZ  Victoria Bouton, Brad Johnston, Jack James, Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin & Ryan Song
Cormack Cup (Best Womens Team)  Judy Pawson, Kate Terry, Karen Martelletti & Julie Sheridan
Cornell Trophy (Best Mixed Team)  Bob Grover, Eileen Horsman, Paula Boughey & Duncan Badley
Evennett Trophy (Best NZ Team)  Michael Cornell, Ashley Bach, Tom Jacob, Brian Mace, Michael Ware & Matthew Brown
Lionel Wright Trophy (top Youth pair in NZ Pairs)  Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin & Ryan Song
Top Veteran Pair in NZ Open Pairs  Jeannette Collins & Peter Kahler
Top Team Day 1 of NZ teams not in round of 16  Dong Huang, Malcolm Mayer, Gary Chen & John Wang
Top Team Day 2 of NZ teams not in round of 16  Douglas Russell, Tracey Lewis, Mark Hangartner & Paul Hangartner
Top Pair below Open in the Open Restricted pairs  Tony Quinlivan & Stuart Grant
Top Junior Pair in the Open Restricted pairs  Helen Climo & Murray Climo
Best Team with no more than 250 average A Pts  John Khouri , Peter Hensman, Stephen Goodman &  Bruce Inglis
Best Team with no more than 175 average A Pts  Don Hayward, Richard Parkinson, Sandra Pearce & Takayo Yangisawa
Best Team with 3 or more Intermediates 
in the Open Restricted Teams
 Annette Martin, Barbara Imlach, Jan Bennett & Ming High
Top Junior Pair
in the Intermediate Swiss Pairs
 Gayle Christensen & Rod Christensen
Best Team with 3 or more Juniors 
in the Intermediate Teams
 Andeana Philalis, Jacob Pilalis, Tymek Tumilowicz & Barbara Tumilowicz


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